Tell President Bush To Help Alaska's Wolves

  • by: Kevin Pease
  • target: George Bush, President, U.S. President
Alaska's wolves are being cruelly shot and run down.  We need to let president Bush know how much everyone cares for these beautiful creatures. The only thing that can stand up for them are us humans. if we don't do anything,  hunters will just kill them until they become extinct,  which is something that everyone would regret. So lets save them so they don't have the fear of being chased to exhaustion and then shot, lets let them feel safe and able to run free without hunters trying to kill them.
Right now hunters in Alaska are cruelly hunting down wolves from planes. Not only do they shoot them from above, they also fly low to the ground chasing the wolvesto exhaustion so they could shoot them at point blank range. A lot of people are killing the wolves because the wolves prey upon the caribou. People think that this is bringing the caribou population down in big numbers. That isn't true, the wolves only go after the weak caribou which doesn't hurt the population. What does hurt the population are all of the hunters who kill any caribou they see. Caribou aren't the only reason people are killing wolves. They are also being killed because of human greed. Hunters kill the wolves and then skin them so they can sell them for money. The fur belongs to the animal not a person.     So please sign this petition and tell president Bush to immediately take action and end the brutal unnecessary sport. We can save the wolves all it takes is a little bit of work.
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