Free Tim Casner from his Wrongful Imprisonment & Remove the Unethical Prosecutor from Office

  • by: Dawn Dean
  • recipient: Arizona State Governor Doug Ducey

Tim Casner is an innocent man who has been locked up in an AZ state prison for over 15 years now. He was 34 years old when he was maliciously prosecuted in Yavapai County AZ, wrongfully convicted and excessively sentenced to over 26 years without the possibility of parole for non-violent burglary crimes that he didn’t commit. All his appeals and every attempt to prove his innocence have been shot down by the prosecutor, Yavapai County Attorney Sheila Polk, who violated Rules of Court, Rules of Professional Conduct, and even the law to win in his case. She is keeping him locked up to cover-up her misconduct and illegal practices.

Before his incarceration, Tim had no record - not even a parking ticket. He owned his own painting business in the Prescott, AZ area and loved to prospect for gold when he wasn’t working. He was married and had a young daughter. It was his painting business that pulled him into a burglary investigation. Some of his customers were burglarized and Prescott Police detective Anna Cahall made him a suspect when he originally wasn’t one by writing his name in on unsolved burglary crime reports, some from other agencies. These altered and false police reports were illegally entered into evidence and used to indict and convict Tim in a case so full of police and prosecutorial misconduct it is hard to believe. The detective and prosecutor are the ones that should be in prison for what they did to him.

We also are seeking the removal of Sheila Polk from her position of Yavapai County Attorney. Abuse of Power and Corruption by our elected officials should never be tolerated or allowed. There are many complaints of Polk’s unethical and illegal practices. Her reputation as a fair and honest prosecutor couldn’t be further from the truth. She will do anything to win her cases and get her way including violating the rules of professional conduct, the rules of court, and even the law.

In Tim Casner’s case, we have proof to show that Sheila Polk committed many unethical and illegal acts including: violating Tim’s Constitutional Rights, Brady violations, knowingly entering and using false evidence, coercing a witness into false testimony, deliberately misleading the jury with false statements and out-of-context audio clips, and pressuring the judge to excessively sentence Tim. She continued giving false facts throughout all of Tim’s appeals, convincing each court and panel that Tim had previously raised issues (that he hadn’t), therefore the issues were precluded and couldn’t be raised again. This has kept Tim from ever showing the new evidence he has gathered and proving his innocence. Polk even showed up at Tim’s last Clemency hearing and gave false statements to the Clemency Board to make sure this innocent man was kept locked up in prison and to continue the cover-up of her misconduct in this case.

The corrupt and unethical actions of the detective and prosecutor in this case have robbed Tim of over 15 years of his life so far, his marriage ended, and he missed out on watching his daughter grow up. If this type of corruption concerns you and you wish to help Tim in his fight for Justice and help restore the Integrity of our Justice System, please sign this Petition to the AZ Governor requesting Tim Casner’s release and support the removal of Sheila Polk from the position of County Attorney.

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