• target: Kofi Annan, UN Secretary-General, United Nations
We, the undersigned, urge the United Nations to establish an investigation of Palestinian terrorism which led to Israel feeling compelled to act against the gunmen inside the Jenin refugee camp and elsewhere.
Why has the UN become a hotbed of anti-Israel sentiment? What encouragement do the continued anti-Israeli resolutions and statements in various UN bodies grant to the anti-Semitism sweeping France, Germany, Belgium and several other countries?


1... A wave of hatred, exploiting the Palestinian political struggle and fomented by a demonic coalition headed by Iran via the UN, is once again placing Israel and the entire Jewish people in a position that many of us thought had disappeared from the world.

2... The UN has proven its bias by its failure to examine an endless number of terror attacks against Israel. Suicide and car bomb attacks in Israel have steadily increased since
the Declaration of Principles of September 1993 and the UN has yet to investigate. (www.walk4israel.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=Mitzvah)

3... Under the auspices of the UN, the Palestinian Authority has developed a systematic State sponsored murder-the-Jews campaign promoting mass destruction of the State of Israel and worldwide Jewry, reminiscent of Hitler's Nazi movement. The incitement and training-to-kill of Palestinian children on Palestinian Television, in school text books, religious institutions and in all other media under the PA has resulted in a new reign of terror against the Jewish nation. The elevating of murder to the status of "martyrdom" has been sanctioned by the UN as the right of the Palestinian people. (www.mideasttruth.com)

4... On Monday, April 18, 2002, France, Belgium and four other European Union members endorsed a U.N. Human Rights Commission resolution condoning "all available means, including armed struggle" to establish a Palestinian state. Hence, six European Union members and the rights commission now join the 57 nations of the Islamic Conference in legitimizing suicide bombers. By their logic of moral equivalence, terror is justifiable because its root cause is Israel's occupation.

By ignoring the facts and root of the problem, the U.N. goes beyond giving rhetorical support for terrorism. The UN needs to acknowledge that Palestinian terror predates the occupation and that suicide bombings became a tactic of choice only after the initiation of the Oslo process.

5... Since Feb. 28, 2002, following a series of Palestinian terror attacks in Israel (including an attack on a young girl's Bat Mitzvah celebration,) Israeli forces rolled into the Jenin and other West Bank and Gaza areas in an effort to disrupt the daily suicide attacks. Israel uncovered illegal arms caches, bomb factories and a plant manufacturing the new Kassam-2 rocket designed to reach Israeli population centers from the West Bank and Gaza.

6... Confronted with evidence of illegal Palestinian mines, mortars and missiles, no U.N. official questioned how it was that bomb factories could exist in U.N.-managed refugee camps. Either the U.N. officials were unaware of the bomb factories -- a fact that would suggest utter incompetence -- or more likely, the U.N. employees simply turned a blind eye. (www.rootofevil.com)
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