Joan Jett Agrees: It's Time to Close Down SeaWorld!

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In June of 2022, SeaWorld's annual shareholders meeting was shaken up by beloved punk musician Joan Jett, who delivered a statement shedding light on yet another one of SeaWorld's horrific crimes against the animals who are held captive there. It is no secret that SeaWorld treats their animals terribly -- and the park is no stranger to a bad reputation. But Joan Jett's statement is a reminder that we cannot take the pressure off of our governing agencies, and we must demand this glorified sea creature prison be shut down once and for all!

Sign the petition to stand with Joan Jett and demand the USDA-APHIS shut down SeaWorld once and for all!

In Jett's statement, she called out the park for its alleged sexual abuse of dolphins and whales. These iconic, wild sea mammals are forced to undergo horrific forced breeding in which females are literally drugged so that they cannot fight back against the humans who are forcing them to be inseminated. 

SeaWorld's breeding program is disgusting -- and only serves the stakeholders who stand to gain from massive ticket sales and publicity benefits of a new baby. In actuality, the more captive breeding that occurs, the more the suffering multiplies – we have known for years that intelligent, social marine mammals languish in captivity. The act of forced impregnation is traumatic enough; but the trauma continues when these baby dolphins or whales are born, just to die young, be ripped away from their mothers too early, or even sent away to other far away marine parks where they will never see their families again. We must shut down this for-profit abuse immediately to prevent future harm to more dolphins and whales.

The iconic rocker Joan Jett has been an advocate for animals for many years -- and was even involved in a cease and desist order against SeaWorld back in 2013. Jett watched the incredible documentary Blackfish, and was not only moved by the horrific details of the treatment of sea creatures there, but also realized SeaWorld was literally using her iconic anthem "I Love Rock 'N' Roll"  during their Shamu show. Jett is continuing that fight in her recent efforts, and we applaud her for being outspoken about the horrors of SeaWorld. Using such a large platform is an amazing way to make real change.  Now it's time we join her and show that we agree!

The Department of Agriculture Animal and Plant Health Inspection Service is in charge of the licensing and inspection of zoos, and also includes the department which administers the Animal Welfare Act. SeaWorld is clearly in violation of a whole slew of animal welfare policies, and it is time the department do what the public has been urging them to do for so many years: shut the institution down for good. We cannot continue to watch so many helpless sea creatures be abused and locked away in glorified animal prisons so that they can entertain human beings. Sign the petition now to tell the USDA-APHIS: close down SeaWorld now!
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