He Locked a Fox Cub in a Container Filled With Poison. She Suffered For Over an Hour, Then Died.

A tiny, three-month old fox cub was just starting its life in the London suburb of Muswell Hill. A life so close to humans can be scary and complex for a new member of the wildlife community, but we know that animals and people can live in harmony if we do things right.

But this poor baby fox would never live to see that harmony -- at just three-months old, she was caught, poisoned, suffocated, and tortured for hours before dying, all at the hands of a local man.

Sign the petition asking for the authorities in Muswell Hill, the Haringey Council, to recommend this man be kept far away from pets, wildlife, and any innocent animals!

The Muswell Hill man had set a trap for rats in his back garden, but he accidentally trapped the tiny fox instead. She must have been very small to fit in a trap meant for a rat. But instead of doing the right thing and releasing the cub back into the wild where its mother and siblings were likely waiting for her, the man took her life into his hands and did the unimaginable.

A woman who was renting on the man's property described seeing the fox; she was "stressed," looking like she had been trapped for a long time, and so cramped that her fur was sticking out of the trap's bars. The man kept her in the terrifying, uncomfortable trap, and dropped the confined fox into the bottom of a bin along with poison he had kept from the 1980s. He closed the lid, and left her to die.

Experts interviewed in court lamented that the fox's nose, eyes, throat, and lungs would've started to burn. That pain along with the terror of being confined, which any wild animal would panic over, adds up to pure torture. When he checked on the cub and she was still breathing, he wrapped her in a bag and let her suffer even longer until she suffocated to death.

This man had multiple opportunities to make compassionate, logical choices. He even called a vet when he initially caught the fox who told him not to kill her -- but he didn't listen. This man has been charged with animal cruelty, but a small fine and probationary consequences just aren't enough. He clearly cares very little about the fact that animals feel fear and pain, which poses a dangerous threat to local pets and wildlife.

That's why we're asking his local council to step in and look into the matter, for the good of all of Muswell Hill's animals. Sign the petition asking the Haringey Council to take action to ensure he can never possess or harm an animal ever again!
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