Help Stop KFC Cruelty

Since January of 2003 PETA has been on a campaign to end the cruelty that chickens suffer in KFC's factory farms. Chickens are naturally inquisitive, friendly animals who build nests, have a social hierarchy and care for their young. Their natural lifespan is 10 years, but the chickens that KFC use are slaughtered before they are 2 months old.

Although KFC states that it only uses chickens from cruelty free farms, extensive investigations reveal otherwise. A few of the numerous accounts of cruelty are listed below.

1. Parent birds beaks are removed with a hot blade causing some to die of starvation and others to die from shock caused from the pain.

2. Millions of chickens die from horrible conditions then sent to rendering plants to be fed back to KFC chickens or made into cat food.

3. After their throats are slit, it could take up to four minutes for them to die and they may even regain consciousness forcing them to be completely aware of the pain.

4. They are dumped into scolding hot water to remove their feathers regardless of if they are still conscious or have regained consciousness.

Please help put an end to this suffering and ask KFC to adopt more humane steps to improve animals' lives. Together we can end the unethical treatment of chickens within KFC's factory farms.
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