Tell Toyota to stop funding climate denial and animal cruelty - the Prius doesn't seem so eco-friendly now!

  • by: Nathan Empsall
  • recipient: Martin E. Collins, President & General Manager of Gulf States Toyota

When a Utah slaughterhouse was caught torturing a cow with a forklift, the police showed up – and arrested citizen Amy Meyer for filming the cruelty, even though she never left public land.

Care2 members might call Amy a hero for protecting animals, but Utah called her a criminal. This is because of a new kind of state law called "ag gag," which bans citizens from filming industrial animal abuse.

Shockingly, corporations we know and patronize like auto distributor Gulf States Toyota are funding these cruel laws.

Ag-gag bills are just some of the corporate-friendly laws written by the shadowy, right-wing American Legislative Exchange Council, or ALEC. ALEC has two kinds of members: Corporations like Ford, Exxon, and Koch Industries who provide funding, and state lawmakers who try to pass the corporate lobbyists' bills. Other ALEC bills include Stand Your Ground, attacks on voting rights, efforts to repeal clean energy laws, and requirements that public schools teach climate denial. 

Funding ALEC's climate attacks undermines everything Toyota is trying to do with hybrids like the Prius.

ALEC's agenda is so extreme that, thanks to grassroots pressure, many companies have already quit, including Google, Facebook, and even Shell in just the past year. But others remain. How eco-friendly does Toyota's Prius seem now that we know what its sales are funding?

Sign the petition: If Facebook, Microsoft, Walmart, and dozens more can do the right thing and quit ALEC, so can Gulf States Toyota!

I insist that Gulf States Toyota stop funding climate denial and ag gag laws. Leave ALEC today!

You might have other reasons for belonging to the right-wing legislation factory, but your money funds all its activity, including not just climate denial and potential animal abuse but also "Stand Your Ground" laws and attacks on voting rights.

This isn't your corporate mission, and it's bad for our country and our planet. Your membership in ALEC undermines all the good you're trying to do with the Prius and other environmental initiatives. Quit ALEC at once, or I will have to consider taking my business to other car companies.

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