Stop Overfishing in India

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  • target: Minister of Agriculture Sharad Pawar
Fish caught in India's seas-- mainly commercial fish like tuna and halibut-- are being processed at record speeds by large, factory-like ships that can freeze, clean, and package them in one fell swoop.

But the efficiency of these fishing ships has actually caused more harm than good. They've severely damaged the ocean's remaining fish populations.

Overfishing upsets the balance of marine ecosystems to the point of destruction. In hopes of getting the most from the fishing industry, India's governments have offered subsidies to too many ships. Fish are caught in such large quantities that the fish populations cannot repopulate quickly enough to keep up, and the fish they want are usually the same predators that keep balance in the sea.

What we're left with is a depleted fish population and an insatiable demand for more fish that just aren't there.

Tell Agriculture Minister Sharad Pawar to stop overfishing and restore balance to the sea's ecosystem.
Hon. Sharad Pawar,

The current rate of overfishing has the potential to upset marine ecosystems beyond repair. It's essential that you begin viewing the management of these ecosystems as instrumental to the future of fishing-- it's a way to keep the environment thriving and ensure better stability for fishers.

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I hope you can see that prioritizing the health of fish populations not only balances the ecosystem, it ensures a sustainable fishing industry. I urge you to create a management plan for handling marine resources in the fishing industry.


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