Don't Let Companies Harm Customers And Get Away With It!

Open a new tablet, TV, or cell phone, and a giant TERMS OF SERVICE filled with legalese pops up. You can't use these, and many other products and services, until you click 'I Agree.'

By clicking, you just agreed to a forced arbitration clause that gives away your right to take the company to court if you are hurt, defrauded, suffer damages, or have other problems with the product or service.

Forced arbitration means if something goes wrong, your only recourse is to appear in front of an arbitrator of the company's choosing. These arbitrators aren't required to follow the law or facts, and because they're chosen by the company, they have a built-in incentive to favor the corporate side to earn repeat business. It's also a clever way that companies can keep their wrongdoings secret and avoid accountability even when they cause widespread harm to consumers.

Legislation is moving in Congress that would end these clauses, but we need you to tell lawmakers to act!

Send a message to your House member and your Senators asking them to stand up for consumer rights and pass the Forced Arbitration Injustice Repeal (FAIR) Act.
More and more companies are evading the law by forcing or tricking consumers like me into signing away our legal rights through 'forced arbitration' language slipped into terms of service, website links or fine print in their contracts. This holiday season, I am asking you to restore my rights by supporting H.R. 963 and S. 505, the FAIR Act, and stop companies from evading accountability under the law.

Arbitration clauses are found in many consumer products and services as basic as cell phones and credit cards. A Consumer Reports investigation found they have even spread into products like bike helmets and child safety seats, where accountability for safety is essential. Worse, I am supposedly 'agreeing' to this stripping of my rights just by buying a product or service, or looking at a website. This unknowingly forces me into a private arbitration system that takes away my legal protections, and makes it almost impossible for the public to know about widespread abuse or unsafe products on the market.

Please support the FAIR Act to ensure I have my full rights restored, and that companies can be held accountable for dangerous products, fraud or other wrongdoing.
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