Extreme Ad litem Fraud In San Diego Courts

Three things need to happen quickly in San Diego Family Court as the court appointed guardian ad litem also known as the child's attorney and minors counsel are publishing fraud in their evaluation reports to the courts, counsel and parties of the case with out investigating these allegations. Once these defaming allegations are published, in specifically Judge David B. Oberholtzer's court, ( Dept. 5 ) you are not allowed to present evidence to show these allegations are fraud, as Judge David B. Oberholtzer disrupts any attempt to present evidence and says you are cross examining the ad litem which he claims is not allowed. So Judge David B. Oberholtzer basis his court orders on hearsay of which in the case of our web site, " Extreme Ad litem Fraud In San Diego Family Court"  was slander. 

This has happened not once but twice in this particular court room with two different guardian ad litem's, first Edlene C. Mckenzie whom published fraud on John & Jennifer Liss stating Jennifer Iden Liss was a licensed clinical social worker of which the California Board Of Behavioral Science confirmed she had never had a license in Claifornia. This bit of fraud was in Edlene's recommendation report to Judge Oberholtzer as Edlene's request that the minor be sent to live in a daycare owned by Jennifer Iden Liss because Jennifer would have the insight as a licensed clinical social worker to see any red flags going off in the minor's behaviors from being jerked out of her Missouri home and transplanted into a world of strangers in the San Diego area.

A second ad litem came into this case when the court appointed Terrence M. Chucas and this ad litem published fraud , hearsay without investigating it and submitted it to Judge David B. Oberholtzer and all counsel and all parties. Judge David B. Oberholtzer refused to let the parental Grandparent's present evidence or cross examine Terrence Chucas for the fraud in his report.

Ad litem's do not have educations in psychology so they do not have the qualifications to make judgement of what is in the best interest of any child.

The remedy is: Banish guardian ad litem's and have child psychologist make recommendations to the court, counsel and parties.

The second goal that needs to quickly happen is opening the courts to the public. Because Family Court is closed court, Civil Rights are violated as has happened in Judge David B. Oberholtzer's court when Edlene C. Mckenzie published in her recommendation that the petitioners were unable to reason due to their religious beliefs being Catholic and Presbyterian, as a result the petitioners were verbally persecuted which are manifestations of hate-crimes.

The only remedy is, "OPEN COURT'S"

In the petitioner's attempt to correct this injustice they  submitted to the Commission Of Judicial Performance in San Francisco, California to learn that only a hand full of California judges ever get removed from the bench because even if the Commission Of Judicial Performance observes and sights a crime the judges have immunities that waive any punishment.

The remedy is, banish immunities for judges and commissioners.

Judge David B. Oberholtzer fraud the petitioners whom were asking for custody saying Grandparent's virtually have no rights quoting a Troxel case that carried no weight in it's own jurisdiction and was a case that didn't relate to the petitioners case.
Judge David B. Oberholtzer's bench-guide code 100.40 says Grandparent's are preferential consideration for placement of a minor.

This type of fraud has got to be stopped, open court, no immunities & banish adlitem's.

Please sign our petition.
People are people no matter what their administrative position is and all people fall short of the Glory of God and God says no judge is just so lets quickly abolish the injustice of the American Family Court System by signing this petition.
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