Saving Our Endangered Species Act

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  • target: Fish and Wildlife Service and Department of the Interior, United States Government
Even while the ESA is in place they are still being hunted illegally, The possiblity of removing the ESA on these animals is grievous to our wildlife's future. By us becoming to Eager to remove said wildlife from the ESA we are becoming perilous to their future and this makes our Wildlife susceptible to humans who are repugnant to our Laws.

If we live in the illusion that our Wildlife and lands are safe,Then we live in the reality of deception.


Petition targeted to the following:

George Bush, Gale Norton, Dale Hall, Curt Mack, Mark Collinge, Idaho Fish and Game, Governor Dave Freudenthal, Senator Michael B. Enzi , Govenor Dirk Kempthorne and last but certanly not least Richard Pombo.

We as, Citizens of the United States, stand behind our Wildlife and the ESA. By taking Certain Wildlife OFF of the ESA will only destroy what we have worked so hard to save.

It should be noted that the ESA is totally ineffective since Wolves are still being killed, being through livestock depredation issues, Alaska, Golden eagles as a barging chip and more.

Even while the ESA is in place they are still being hunted illegally. The possiblity of removing the ESA on these animals is grievous to our wildlife's

Wolves are being shot, Buffallo are being cruelly hazed, Eagles will once more be taken for their feathers, Grizzlies will be hunted by poachers. The ESA is to protect not destroy. By taking it away we take everything away from our Wildlife.

The ESA is to protect them from certain issues such as poachers, Ranchers and hunters.

By us becoming to Eager to remove said wildlife from the ESA we are becoming perilous to their future and this makes our Wildlife susceptible to humans who are repugnant to our Laws.

Richard Pombo, Dale Hall, Gale Norton, Ron Gillette, the Bush Administration and many others are undermining our Endangered Species Act.

Seeking new ways to maintain a healthy environment means Seeking new ways of non-lethal control. Without mans interference, Nature will control the population and balance of the animals.

Once there were no longer any Wolves in the lower 48 states but due to the ESA in tack that has changed. The Buffalo, Grizzly Bears, and the Bald Eagle are other species that has fought hard to survive.

Again, thanks to the ESA they have came back strong and healthy.

We need to stand behind the ESA act and keep it in motion before our wildlife dwindles away once again.

We don't need or want our future generations only seeing these animals in books or stuffed in some museum and asking "What did real Wolves look like?"

Every link in the chain of life that is removed is just one link closer to our own demise.

Remember, there is nothing left after extinction. Forever
This is what Richard Pombo is doing:

Rep. Pombo's Bill Carves Loopholes in Act for Developers, Undermines
National Commitment to Conserving Animals for Future Generations
Washington , DC -- Congress dealt a deadly blow to the protections provided by the Endangered Species Act by passing Congressman Pombo's bill weakening this important conservation law. Many of the Act's most important protections for plants and animals facing extinction were eliminated by the House's action and new loopholes were created to allow developers to dodge the law.

"The Pombo bill is the dream of every irresponsible developer out there," said Defenders of Wildlife President Rodger Schlickeisen. "Not only does this bill gut the Endangered Species Act, but it creates a government give away program to greedy developers and provides new loop holes to make it easier to use deadly pesticides that will impact not only wildlife but our children, by polluting our lands and waters, " said Schlickeisen.

"Mr. Pombo's bill undermines our national commitment to the recovery of threatened and endangered plants and animals," said Rodger Schlickeisen.

In a fatal weakening of the Endangered Species Act, this bill:
replaces the current mandatory critical habitat system with a system of purported recovery plans that are discretionary and fail to protect habitat essential for recovery;
allows federal agencies to avoid consultation, resulting in agencies with little to no experience in wildlife issues deciding if projects will harm wildlife;
exempts all pesticide decisions from ESA compliance, taking away the ability under the ESA to stop pesticide use even when necessary to prevent extinction;
requires the federal government to use taxpayer dollars to pay developers for complying with the law, setting no limits on these payments.

"Our children will pay the ultimate price for Mr. Pombo's reckless disregard for the conservation of our nation's wildlife," said Schlickeisen.

"Normally, one would look to the Senate to right the wrongs of this bill," said Schlickeisen, "but it is questionable as to whether this bill can be salvaged at all."
This is what Ron Gillette says:

Wolf management in Idaho will never be successful, Ron Gillett, chairman of the Idaho Anti-Wolf Coalition said.

"From day one, we have said there is no way to manage wolves because of the terrain and topography of the state," he said.

The coalition, working with the Runft Law Firm in Boise, introduced a citizen's initiative calling for the removal of Canadian Gray Wolves in the state by any means necessary.

The initiative asks legislators to rescind all wolf management agreements between the federal government and Idaho and classify wolves as unprotected predators.

"We will get rid of these wolves, one way or another," said Ron Gillett, of the Idaho Anti-Wolf Coalition.

Despite federal protection, wolves continue to be hunted and poisoned. Wolf biologists say that 90% of documented wolf kills are at the hands of humans
These are the words from Gale Norton:

We take seriously our awesome responsibilities to the American public:

We supply water for much of the West so that farmers can grow food and people can turn on their taps;

We honor our special responsibilities to American Indians, Alaska Natives, and affiliated Island communities;

and We protect wildlife and improve the environment.

I have met with ranchers and farmers who have changed how they do business in order to protect wildlife and save water;

I have visited landowners who are preserving habitat for endangered species;

Wolf Management in the Northern Rocky Mountains Efforts to restore populations of the gray wolf in the Northern Rockies under the Endangered Species Act have been successful beyond all expectations. In March of 2004, the population of wolves in the Northern Rockies was 761, compared to the 406 predicted by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service when wolves were reintroduced in the region in 1995.

With populations of wolves exceeding recovery goals, steps are now underway to begin the 'delisting' process - removing them from the list of 'threatened' species in the region. Part of the delisting process requires states in the region to establish wolf management plans to be approved by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service. Idaho and Montana have developed plans that the Service has determined are adequate to maintain the gray wolf population.


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