Demand Significant Prison Time for Deranged Poachers in Washington State

  • by: Jeremy G
  • recipient: Bob Ferguson, Washington Attorney General; Jim Unsworth, Director, WDFW
Several Washington residents are responsible for illegally slaughtering more than 100 black bears, cougars, bobcats, deer and elk in southwestern Washington state and northwestern Oregon, with many of the animals hunted with dogs and then left to rot.

William J. Haynes, Joseph A. Dills, Eddy A. Dills, Sierra Dills, Erik C. Martin, Aubri N. Mckenna and Bryan C. Tretiak are the depraved individuals behind the slaughter.

The Dills are notorious for prior poaching and many of these individuals are repeat offenders. “They were serial killers of another kind,” Washington Dept. of Fish and Wildlife (WDFW) Deputy Chief Mike Cenci said in media reports

The group killed at least 20 black bears in Washington alone, frequently leaving the animals to rot in the woods. The case files include videos showing the men shooting a bear out of a tree with dogs barking all around. The men then order the dogs to attack the bear after it fell to the ground.
Evidence also indicates that numerous packs of dogs were deployed by the group in order to tree target animals while the poachers casually trailed along in their pickups watching the chase live via GPS tracking systems. Once the GPS-collared dogs stopped moving, the poachers would simply walk to the spot indicated on the handheld screen in order to shoot the animal out of a tree. Sometimes the harried animals would be so exhausted from the chase that they simply sat defeated and reserved to die at the base of a tree too tired to climb for safety. William Haynes and his group even boasted to his mom about chasing a bear off of a cliff.
Message records sent by the poachers reveal that those “bayed” animals were often considered a disappointment due to their refusal to climb. In any case, the animals were almost always shot anyways.

These people are sick and have NO regard for life. A message needs to be sent that leniency will lead to more death.

Sign this petition to tell prosecutors, the judge and legislators that an example needs to be established to finally set a precedence that this kind of vile behavior WILL NOT be tolerated. Also, tougher laws need to be created to deter this sickening behavior.
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