Ensure Eagle Scout David “Cole” Withrow Graduates With His Class, And Has Ridiculous Felony Char

  • by: Tracy Tarum
  • target: North Carolina Governor Pat McCrory

In the brevity of life, compounded with its incontestable hustle and bustle – especially while serving as the head of the Executive Branch of a State’s government – one can easily overlook, or unintentionally miss, presented opportunities for justice and enlightenment; opportunities to not only do that which is right and should be done anyway, but also to possibly engage in an act which if noticed, articulated, and perpetuated by enough people, could actually cause enough of a stir in the minds of men that it could alter in a positive direction the discussions of the day pertaining to Liberty, and in the course thereof, alter the debates on the national scene.

I would like to inform you that such an opportunity exists. You have been blessed with an opportunity to act swiftly, pragmatically, and efficiently to save your constituents their tax dollars, prevent an unnecessary and illogical burden on your court system, and to show the residency of North Carolina and the citizens of the other great States of this nation that logic IS NOT dead, that common sense IS NOT gone from government, and that some members of government DO STILL HAVE an understanding of the PROPER role of government and the courage and intellect to do that which is right: not only for the sake of Liberty, but for the sake of a talented, bright, HONEST, HONORABLE, well-meaning, virtuous, responsible, mature young man. You can show him and us all that doing the right thing is still rewarded, and that no virtuous human being deserves to be punished for a slip of the mind as if it were a premeditated stab in the heart.

I am talking of course of one young David “Cole” Withrow; a senior at Princeton High School in Johnston, N.C., an Eagle Scout, and a kid who, when he realized he left his shotgun in his truck, called his mother and asked her to please come and get it. He realized that an unintentional act – not an INTENTIONAL act of defiance, but an UNINTENTIONAL act of forgetfulness – resulted in him breaking a societal rule. At no time did he intend to – or for that matter, DID HE – violate the Natural rights of another, endanger a life, or intend to harm another human being. He did NOTHING WRONG in the rules of a civil society or against the Laws of Nature or Nature’s God. He simply forgot that an inanimate object which was not welcome in the situation was lying dormant in his mode of transportation. I ask you in the sense of reason, logic, and reality: is that really a crime – let alone a FELONY??

Governor, I ask you, I beg you, I beseech you: PLEASE step in and pardon this child IMMEDIATELY from the threat of this possibly going any further. If this young man doesn’t get to graduate with his class, go on to college as he has planned, be rewarded for a life thus far of virtuous choices, and explore the future he has secured the right to pursue through resisting life’s temptations while chasing perfection and inevitably falling short to simply attain greatness instead; then you, Sir, have failed in your duty as the chief of the Executive Branch of the State of North Carolina, you have failed to teach this child that virtue will be rewarded while stupidity will be invalidated, and you have instead taught him and the rest of America that virtuous living has no reward and the stupidity of improper governance will invalidate a lifetime of virtue.

You also hold the chance to show the world that you understand that guns – guns after all secured, preserve, and ensure our Liberties – are not evil, but that the intentions of evil men are evil. You can show the world, Governor, that you will not punish a child simply because he had what liberal States, liberal politicians, and liberal minds consider the epitome of evil: a gun. You, Governor, have been presented the pulpit from which to preach the truth that you will not punish a man for having a gun with no intent to misuse it, because guns are NOT evil or bad; and that therefore if a gun resides near a person who is not evil or bad or who has evil or bad intentions, then it is no danger or threat – just the same as a gun in the holster of a policeman or soldier is not a threat.

The choice is yours, Governor. How will you respond? Will you respond with righteousness and integrity, or will you wait to see what internal polling data reveals to be the “calculated” move? I know where my prayers attempt to lead your heart. And I probably need not remind you that graduation day is fast approaching – the clock is ticking. Tick-tock, Governor; tick-tock, tick-tock, tick-tock.....

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