Don't Let A Dog Cull Like Sochi Happen Again!

While thousands of stray dogs in Sochi were being killed in the most inhumane ways to clear the streets for the Olympic games, the International Olympic Committee (IOC), the governing body of the Olympics, looked on and did absolutely nothing to stop the cruelty.

In its charter, the IOC is responsible for promoting "a positive legacy from the Olympic Games to the host cities and host countries."

Letting thousands of stray dogs be violently killed is in stark contrast to Olympic values. It's simply unacceptable.

Tell the IOC to heed its creed and never allow for such cruelty under its watch again.
To: The International Olympic Committee

I was horrified to learn recently of the mass killing of street dogs in an irresponsible attempt to "clean up" Sochi in preparation for the Olympic Games. News reports indicate that the Sochi government hired a private "killing" company to exterminate what spokespersons called "biological trash."

I was equally horrified that the International Olympic Committee looked on as this happened, saying it had no control over what local authorities were doing.

Not only is it the business of the IOC, it's your job. According to the IOC website, "The Olympic Movement is the concerted, organised, universal and permanent action, carried out under the supreme authority of the IOC, of all individuals and entities who are inspired by the values of Olympism."

Mass dog extermination programs as part of Olympic preparations stand in stark contrast to Olympian values. The socially responsible and ethical way forward is to adopt and implement easily available humane methods rather than hunting down and poisoning these animals as all the world watches.

Just as Olympic athletes became role models for billions of young people, so do host countries' preparations serve as examples for future Olympic venues.

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It's too late for the street dogs already killed in Sochi, but this sort of tragic spectacle must never be allowed to happen in any future Olympics -- anywhere. The world looks to the IOC to hold host cities to the highest standards.

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