Healing Israel Palestine- A Balanced Solution

The Resolution to Congress calls for a "middle path" to peace in the Middle East, a path that actually works, and that addresses the needs of both peoples. It demonstrates that it is possible to be both pro-Israel and pro-Palestine.
WE, the undersigned , call upon our elected
representatives at every level of Government to pass and encourage
others to pass this or similar

Whereas we recognize the humanity and fundamental decency of both the
Israeli and Palestinian people, and wish to see them living in peace
with each other, side by side in a safe Israel and a safe Palestine,

And Whereas we abhor acts of terror against Israeli citizens and acts
of violence or denial of human rights of Palestinians,

And Whereas the continuation of this conflict is destructive to the
people of the Middle East, counter to the best interests and values
of the United States, and might contribute to an increase in
Anti-Semitism and anti-Arab sentiments both worldwide and in our own


Support an international intervention (either through the UN or
through some other appropriate multinational force) to separate the
two sides, provide protection for each, and impose a settlement on
both sides which includes:

a. Return of Israel to its pre-67 borders, with minor border
modifications so that the sections of Jerusalem which had a Jewish
majority by 1993 may be part of the State of Israel, and other minor
border changes mutually agreed upon

b. Creation of an economically and politically viable Palestinian
state in all of the pre-67 West Bank and Gaza with small border
changes as mentioned in a. -and with its capital in East Jerusalem

c. An international fund to provide reparations for Palestinians and
to fund generous resettlement opportunities in the new Palestinian
state, and reparations for Israelis who fled from persecution in Arab

d. Recognition and peaceful relations with all surrounding Arab and
Islamic states

e. Sharing of the water and other resources of the area and joint
ecological cooperation to preserve regional ecological balance

f. Active participation of Palestine, in cooperation with
international forces, in a serious effort to protect Israelis from
those who may continue to struggle against Israel even after it has
returned to its pre-67 borders, and active participation by Israel
and in cooperation with international forces to protect Palestinians
from those who may use acts of violence to destabilize or undermine a
new Palestinian state.
g. International guarantees of the military safety and security of
both Israel and Palestine, either through inclusion of each in NATO,
or bilateral mutual defense agreements with the U.S., or some
similar arrangements which will protect Israel and Palestine from
other states which may have hostile intention

h. . An international Truth and Reconciliation Commission, such as
that which functioned in South Africa, to be created after the above
points have begun to be implemented, and aimed at building a
foundation for future trust and cooperation between the Israeli and
Palestinian peoples.
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