Enough of racial Injustice I am a victim of a racial Injustice I was dropped by the paramedics slammed to the ground twice while I was on the gurney

    I was sweeping my porch I hit the chair with my foot to end to keep me from falling I broke my fall so I had a sprain muscle I called the paramedics because I have three grandchildren that I had to help co-parent because their parents are no longer with us and I was needing some muscle relaxers ibuprofen just to get me out of that pain so I can take care of my three grandchildren the youngest was two in diapers so that was going to be really hard on me so I figured I would go and see if the doctor can help me once the paramedics came they did my vitals they put me on the gurney they push me through my parking lot and all of a sudden ice will sliced fell to the slam slam up strapped in garney to the crown concrete my face was so many inches away from it the tude young men that drop me were interns no more than 19 years old 125 130 pounds soaking wet the supervisors had walked off I only can see this from the corner of my eye I had no idea what was going on that I was I was just being pushed to the truck to go to St Anthony's hospital and before I made it to the van the garni went over to the side and when they try to pick me up they couldn't and they I was slammed back down to the ground again that's when my ribs or something was broken at the time I didn't know what it was but I knew something was I like to die. I was in severe pain so all I want to do was get to the hospital so that the doctor can help me once I got in there the doctor came in and asked me what was wrong I couldn't talk cuz it's speaking sneeze couldn't do anything I was in that much pain I just took a deep breath and told him I really don't know what's wrong because I had had an accident from them dropping me and so I told him my entire right side is killing me he made a order for me to have x-rays I had x-rays they took me back to my room the nurse came in about 20 minutes later she had some paper and I hand handing it to me and telling me to get dressed and go out to the left and then make a right and that will be waiting room and she walked out she came back and asked me was I ready and I have such a hard time trying to dress myself by myself no one came back into the room the field supervisor didn't come the doctor never did come back in no one came in but that nurse just to tell me to get dressed and walk to the waiting room with a broken rib she came back again I was ready by then I was yours I dress myself in a lot of pain and so she said okay here's some norcos she gave me a prescription for a narco so I had to take a deep breath and ask her what what's wrong with me she never told me what was wrong I never knew anything until I asked what's wrong with me and she said you're right your right rib is broken and told me to go out to the out to the left go to the right and there's a waiting room so like I said I couldn't barely talk so I asked her I took a deep breath and said can I please have a wheelchair she went and got the wheelchair I got in the wheelchair she act like she don't want to touch me I didn't have insurance at the time and I do know that they discriminate against people who doesn't have insurance well she pushed me to the waiting room in the walls and wheelchair she pushed me she pushed me she pushed she pushed our old are Roshe push push and when we got there we made it to the waiting room I was so out done it was unbelievable there was no way I could have walked from my room to that waiting room and I turned around and God gave me strength to ask her did she really think I could have done that alone walk with broken ribs and everything else t95 messed up lumbar spine sciatic nerve they didn't know all that because they didn't take the time out to do a thorough examination on me because they were trying to hurry up and get me out of there that we're going to brush up on the rug and that's what it was going to be they figured if they gave me pain medication maybe that I didn't I didn't know any better and we'll go on but I called him sir made a report they investigated them and I was right about everything I got a settlement from them I'm still fighting the case I'm not fighting the case when I'm still waiting on I'm suing them for discrimination and failure to do a to have a medical incident report filled out signed by himself and the hospital none of that happened I suffered for 21 days while they investigated because I had no money or insurance to go and get any type of therapy they did let me know that I was more than welcome to go to St Anthony's and get any treatment that I needed but there was no way I would ever go back to St Anthony's hospital the doctor failed me the nurse failed me the entire he was pitiful and I don't trust them I feel like they could have done something to me to keep me from keep me from talking I am 52 years old I was 49 going on 50 when this happened I still have the same injuries in the same spot so you're not getting any better I start physical therapy and water therapy but it's been horrible they need to be exposed there's no telling how many other elderly people that this has happened to they need to not have license to practice medical anywhere because I am a human being I have human rights I have children and grandchildren I am somebody and they treated me worse than a animal animal at a animal shelter gets treated better than the way they treated me I could go on and on and on but they did finally got to the bottom of them and admitted yes they were wrong and I need to find out some things who was fired who told the truth who lied and I just want to know why they did not come in there and check on me I felt like I was less than a human being I feel like I wasn't supposed to be here on this Earth
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