Petition to Free Duane "Dog" Chapman

  • by: Tom Mosier
  • recipient: Daniel Akaka, Senator, U.S. Senate
A petition to free Duane "Dog" Chapman immediately, and to have spurious charges against him, and his employees, dropped forthwith. 
We, the undersigned, are petitioning you, Senator Akaka, to lend your support to our efforts to free Duane "Dog" Chapman, who was arrested 09/14/06 by U.S. Marshalls at his residence, in front of his family, in an unacceptable display of force. As we are sure you are aware, Mr. Chapman and his employees were arrested, and are awaiting an extradition hearing, relative to an heroic act on their part which took place in Mexico in June of 2003.

Mr Chapman, and his associates, effected the arrest of Andrew Luster
In 1995, 1997, and 2000 Luster allegedly gave three women GHB, a known date-rape drug, and raped them while they were unconscious. Luster was brought to trial in 2002. Soon afterward, police officers found videotapes of Luster raping the women in question, including one tape labeled "Shauna GHBing." On january 3, 2003, after one of the victims had testified, but before the jury viewed the "Shauna" tape, Luster vanished from his house, along with his dog and his truck. Luster was later convicted in absentia, to 124 years in prison by a California court. The California Court of Appeals refused the appeal his attorneys filed on his behalf (1), ruling that as a fugitive from justice, Luster had forfeited his right to appeal. The California Supreme Court, (2) and the United States Supreme Court (3), later refused to disturb this ruling.

Luster found his way to Puerto Vallarta, Mexico where he was taken into custody by then-unknown bounty hunter Duane "Dog" Chapman, his son Leland Chapman, an associate, and two TV crewmen, in a noisy scuffle on June 18, 2003. The next day he was returned to the U.S., and was imprisoned.

We, the undersigned, fear that the financial power, and "name" power of Lusters family, may have been instrumental in convincing powers in Mexico, as well as the U.S. to persue this disgraceful arrest, after more than three years had elapsed. Chapman and his associates should be receiving awards for removing a serial rapist from society, not having their doors kicked in by U.S. Marshalls. We, the undersigned, are outraged by this miscarriage of justice, as well as the chilling message that it sends to the victims of violent crime, namely, that perpertrators should be allowed to flee the jurisdiction of their crimes, without consequence - since those heroic enough to hunt them down, and bring them to justice, will be wrongly imprisoned for their efforts.

We, the undersigned, realize that since Mr. Chapman is a resident of your great state of Hawaii, that you must share our outrage at this injustice, perpertrated on the very soil of your proud state. As her representative in the Senate, we appeal to you for any support that you can give, in reversing this travesty of justice.

We thank you, in advance, for your efforts, in this regard. 

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