Stop Denver's Pit Bull Ban & Extermination Program

Denver's City Government is EXTERMINATING PEOPLE'S PETS!!!  Please help us reverse Ordinance No. 631.

Imagine police and animal control show up at your home.  They tell you that your dog, who never hurt anyone is considered viscious by the city governement, and then they take it from you and KILL ITThis is actually happening in Denver Colorado.  The city of Denver has killed over 800 (Update - it's now Over 1100) dogs merely because they were, or looked like pit bull terriers.
  Most were not dogs that harmed people, and many of these dogs were people's pets. 

Please ask Denver's city government to stop this senseless killing.  This law was enacted to protect people from dog bites. Pit Bull Dogs are not the only dogs that bite and or kill people, and members of every large breed of dog hurt or kill people every year.   Protecting people from dog bites by killing all of the pit bulls is like protecting people from gunshots by banning all of the 38 caliber pistols - IT DOESN"T WORK, and much worse than that, the majority of the dogs that have been killed never hurt anyone. 

Pit bull dogs have been completely demonized by the media, and many politicians as some kind of vicious super dogs, but every dog expert in the world, including veterinarians, animal trainers, and humane organizations knows that this is completely false. The pit bull dog is no more vicious or strong than any other large breed dog, but for some unknown reason myths like " a Pit bull dog can lock its jaws," and "Pit bull dogs have the strongest bite" are still told to the public.  Again, any true expert on dogs can verify that these myths are FALSETo protect the public from dog bites, city governments need to crack down on irresponsible dog ownership (that goes for every breed), not kill whatever dogs their politicians think look scary.  This kind of backwards thinking is killing innocent pets and it must stop.
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