Ban Fireworks in the United States

If you and/or anyone you know has Asthma and/or shortness of breath, please sign this petition to help stop the promotion of air, water, and noise pollution from fireworks displays? I have Asthma and I can relate to others w/respiratory problems.
Fireworks explode between 180 – 190 dB (decibels) during these fireworks displays. Humans and animals are not supposed to be exposed to anything higher than 80 – 85 dB to be safe. Anything louder than 105 dB permanently damages hearing from only one hour of this loud and unnecessary noise.

Fireworks contain a number of toxic metals and/or elements that stay airborne for hours until finally settling into our natural resources of soil, gardens, lakes, and public water supply. These toxic elements include the following: Lead, Barium (radioactive material), Lithium, Rubidium, Strontium, Copper Compounds, Aluminum, Ammonium Perchlorate, Cadmium, Potassium Nitrate, and Sulfer Dioxide. These toxic elements are used in fireworks for people to view the different colors of fireworks that explode in the night sky.

Accidents involving fireworks caused up to 9,600 emergency room-related injuries in 2004 according to the U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission. Fireworks lead to severe burns, scars, and disfigurement. Fireworks not only pollute everyone’s environment they also cause distress for neighbors, fireworks displays loud noise causes Wildlife to be forced from their habitat into traffic creating problems for the Wildlife and drivers of vehicles travelling local highways. During fireworks displays in many cities Dogs will jump their fence in their yard because of their fear of the extremely loud explosions. Some of the frightened Dogs are retrieved by Animal Control the next day unfortunately after being hit by an automobile. Some are fortunately rescued by Animal Control frightened by the fireworks the night before and returned to their animal companion friends. And other Dogs are never found, all because of fireworks loud noise!

The highest risk of fireworks injury was to children ages 5 – 9. In the year 2002, fires started by fireworks caused $28 million in property damage to structures and vehicles.

Fireworks vendors place themselves and other people in danger when they are on parking lots near where people travel to and from merchants to shop. These are dangerous explosives next to people and sometimes their pets. This creates a dangerous setting for any possible life-threatening situation that could be prevented if the fireworks were not being sold on parking lots. Even sparklers can reach temperatures of 2000 degrees and will leave permanent scarring.

Ways you can help to Ban fireworks unnecessary noise, water, and air-pollution:

Don’t purchase fireworks especially if someone has breathing problems in your family.

Don’t attend outdoor fireworks displays, the toxic fall-out is enough to negatively affect your overall health for the next week or two, especially if you have Asthma.

Find alternatives to celebrating the 4th of July and New Years Eve with a laser light show event and/or dinner at the families favorite restaurant!

Write your legislators in your district including your governor, state representatives, town council, chamber of commerce, mayor and tell them that you do not want your tax dollars wasted on fireworks displays that pollute. Include in your letter that you would like to see this same money spent on education for schools, libraries, and colleges to help students instead of wasting tax payers money on fireworks that pollute everyone’s environment. If you want, send them this petition to alert them of the dangers of fireworks pollution.

Fireworks stories and news articles:
Warning, graphic pictures of fireworks injuries:
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