How Much More Can Polar Bears Take?

Drilling in the Arctic Ocean could unleash an estimated 15.8 billion tons of CO2 into our atmosphere -- more emissions than from all the cars and light trucks in the United States over the next 13 years.

Despite this undeniable threat, Shell and other big oil companies are itching to begin drilling.

On top of the melting ice and ocean acidification that are already posing dire threats to the Arctic, drilling ushers in the risk of oil spills. A spill could devastate the region and cause unimaginable harm to polar bears and other imperiled animals that exist nowhere else.

Protecting the Arctic Ocean not only helps the wildlife and people of the Arctic, it is essential to preventing climate disaster. We must look to clean energies instead of dirty, outdated fuels that only worsen our climate crisis and threaten fragile wildlife and habitats.

Please take action now to urge President Obama to do everything in his power to help mitigate climate change and protect our Arctic.
President Obama:

America's Arctic is ground zero for climate change. The indicators are everywhere: Permafrost is melting, shorelines are washing away, and record low ice cover is forcing polar bears and other Arctic wildlife to struggle to survive.

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To add insult to injury, Shell and other big oil companies want to begin drilling in the Arctic Ocean. This would release an additional 15.8 billion metric tons of carbon dioxide into our atmosphere.

Shell's long list of setbacks and failures over the past year -- coupled with the extreme risk for oil spills and further climate destruction in an already-fragile ecosystem -- provides overwhelming evidence that the oil and gas industry is not prepared to operate safely in the Arctic Ocean.

President Obama, your climate legacy starts by saying no to Arctic Ocean drilling.


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