Demand protection of Animal rights in Saudi Arabia, Now!

  • by: Hana A
  • recipient: AlJazeera News, AlArabia News, MBC, AlEkhbariya News, Any news format that can help, And any governmental format that can support or help with the cause, Ministry of Agriculture in Saudi Arabia

I recently came along buying two turtles whom are close to my heart, I've been raising animals from cats, dogs, hamsters, and many others ever since I knew what animals meant. When I was a kid I used to be really happy going to pet stores in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia but not until recently I have realized that our pets here do not:

  1. get the right treatment by some families
  2. get enough medical and attention and care as do the pets in America and other countries (As I have been a proud owner of a cat in America who is in a great condition because of medical care and vets)
  3. when abused they are left to die
  4. pet stores leaving some animals to die and stocking up on them like they're some piece of clothing to be thrown out. 

The other day, I walked into one of the pet stores here in Riyadh and was shocked by the way they kept the pets caged, some of them laying on the ground seemingly dead but breathing and it was very heartbreaking. An example of what I have seen after a tons of amount of research being a recent turtle owner I have realized what these turtles need in order not to die and shockingly these products are not provided anywhere, in no pet store in Saudi Arabia. When I was in the pet store I saw around 40 baby turtles on top of each other trying to get away from the water, a bird who has lost all his feathers, a dog who is too huge for his cage, and many more scenes too vile to mention.

When I was a little kid I also had neighbors who had beaten their dog, burned him, haven't fed him, and made him drink Pepsi instead of water, and kicked him outside the house to die only leaving their driver to take care of him and then we had took him into our home to care, one day came and he disappeared knowingly we knew the neighbors or a car or anything has done some harm to him.

There are many cases where here, in Saudi Arabia, there is injustice to animals of all kinds. I am raising this petition not only to raise rights for them government wise, but to the citizens here. It is not right what has and is been done to these animals. I raise this petition in order to raise awareness, abolish abuse, and maintain and gain a liability for the health and care of these animals whether in homes or in pet stores.

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