Tell California's Governor: Phase Out Lead Ammunition

In early September California lawmakers passed a bill (A.B. 711) that will phase out toxic lead in hunting ammunition by 2019. If Governor Jerry Brown signs this bill into law, it will provide important protections for wildlife and people.

Please, urge the governor to sign A.B. 711.

This landmark legislation and revised hunting regulations would make California the first state to require nonlead ammunition for all hunting. This bill will protect bald eagles, California condors and other wildlife throughout California and remove the threat to humans who eat wild game.

Regulations in place since 2008 have shown that hunters can easily transition to nontoxic bullets. Over the past five years, hunters in Southern and central California have continued to hunt traditional game using copper bullets -- with no decrease in game tags or hunting.

California has the historic opportunity to switch to safer, nontoxic hunting ammunition and protect wildlife and people from lead poisoning by passing statewide legislation.

Please urge the governor to sign A.B. 711, which phases out toxic lead ammunition for all hunting in California.
Governor Brown,

I am writing to urge you to sign Assembly Bill 711, which recently passed the state legislature. This bill would protect California's wildlife from unnecessary lead poisoning and safeguard human health by phasing in nonlead ammunition for hunting across California.

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The facts are undeniable: Toxic lead from hunting ammunition in the form of bullet fragments and spent lead shot enters the food chain and exacts a deadly toll on wildlife. Spent lead ammunition poisons and kills bald eagles, endangered California condors and other birds. It also causes significant health risks for people eating wild game. Lead is a potent neurotoxin -- it's not safe for humans at any level of exposure.

The time to act on this issue is now. We've removed lead from our homes, our gas tanks and our children's toys -- but not from ammunition, a persistent source of toxic lead in the environment.

Nontoxic alternatives to lead ammunition are now affordable, widely available and already in use by many hunters. A recent study shows that the changing price and availability of nonlead ammunition makes it easier to switch to nontoxic rounds for hunting. Researchers found no major difference in the retail price of equivalent lead-free and lead-core ammunition for most popular calibers.

This legislation has the support of numerous of hunters as well as conservation, animal protection and public health organizations. California can take the lead in protecting wildlife and people from lead poisoning. Please sign A.B. 711 and end the use of toxic lead.


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