STOP Aggressive Paparazzi, Step One

  • by: Felicia G.
  • target: Arnold Schwarzeneggar, Governor, State of California
This petition is a call to end the aggressive practices of paparazzi everywhere beginning with California in the United States of America.  Many citizens have witnessed “aggressive paparazzi” create dangerous and disturbing situations, even endangering children, and use inappropriate, predatory, and extremely invasive tactics.  Many of these “aggressive paparazzi” are ex-convicts and their behavior resembles a stalker.  We, the undersigned, are focusing on California first because of the high presence of public personages, like famous actors, musicians, athletes, and writers (celebrities).  Also, the Los Angeles Police Department in California is already investigating and taking actions against what they term “aggressive paparazzi” for their possible criminal behavior (  Once we have effectively lobbied for reformed laws protecting the civil rights and liberties of all citizens including celebrities in California, we will further our efforts to expand across the country and around the world.


March 19, 2007, a paparazzi photographer having followed Keanu Reeves from LA to a residential area 30 miles away, stood in front of Reeves’ car as he slowly inched away from the curb, purposely blocking his path to prevent him from driving away.  The paparazzi, grazed by the car, fell down and pled injuries.  After investigating the incident and speaking with witnesses, authorities found that the paparazzi had engineered the incident by refusing to move out of the street, and was not struck with enough force to cause injury or a fall.  Reeves, found to have no fault in this incident, was not even issued a citation.  This is one of a few incidents involving the SAME paparazzi and Reeves.  This constant “attention” to Reeves by the same paparazzi and the ensuing confrontations is similar to STALKING with one difference, the stalker has a camera and is called a paparazzi.  This paparazzi went on to accuse Reeves of deliberately trying to kill him, and made other allegations as well.  This same paparazzi admits to being paid a lot of money for these photos and for “making” news.  He and other paparazzi admit to frequently sleeping in their cars for 8 or more hours while they wait for a celebrity to leave their homes or other locations, and are often joined by more than 15 other paparazzi in car chases.  The details of this story was carried by many mainstream media outfits.

(Please read our List of Grievances and Demands below in the following section)


Aggressive paparazzi create dangerous and life threatening situations for their celebrity targets and any bystander, including children, especially if they are chasing a target in a vehicle or obstructing the flow of traffic. 

When aggressive paparazzi and the agencies that pay them are not checked and are allowed to make money from their practices, it only leads to more escalated aggression and legally questionable practices.

Many aggressive paparazzi are known and documented to be ex-convicts.

Aggressive paparazzi cause disturbances in the neighborhoods and areas they frequent as they wait with recording equipment, sometimes for hours, for their target.  Their behavior and presence invades the privacy all residents and not just the celebrity ones.

If their stalking behavior is not stopped, it can be used as a precedent for other criminals to justify their predatory acts on other people.  Any stalker, such as an abusive ex or a child molester, can be viewed as ok if they have a camera and can call themselves paparazzi.

These paparazzi make it difficult for celebrities to relate to their fans, cause distrust between celebrities and respectful, law-abiding citizens, and make it hard for respectful and reputable photographers and media personnel to make an honest living.


Paparazzi should be screened and licensed by reputable agencies with uniform standards and Codes of Conduct approved by the majority votes of citizens.  They should be required to carry their license and present it at all times to ANYONE (such as a business owner or resident).  No one should be allowed to be a paparazzi without this license.  The Code of Conduct should be enforceable by law or a public entity.

No one convicted of a violent crime should be allowed to be a paparazzi.

No one should have to be afraid to live their life (ex: go to public places, sunbath in their own backyard, eat a meal in a restaurant, go to the hospital, or drive their car) because of being invaded by paparazzi that do not adhere to certain rules of conduct.

No one should be prevented from leaving or going to any place at any time of their own freewill because paparazzi are blocking their path and refusing to move. 

Paparazzi should not be allowed to cause unsafe road or neighborhood conditions either by their habits while driving or as pedestrians.

Paparazzi should be under the same laws as others in regarding the invasion of privacy and stalking.

Any agency that buys material from licensed or unlicensed paparazzi that do not adhere to the Code of Conduct should be fined a hefty fine and not allowed to pay for material from that paparazzi for a long time.

Anyone, celebrity or not, if violated by a licensed or unlicensed paparazzi who does not follow the Code of Conduct, should be allowed to file for an order of protection, and in some cases, press criminal charges.

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