Dolphins do not belong in a dolphinarium

More than 200 dolphinariums exist worldwide - and every year there are more.

Dolphins are not born to play the clown for us human. It has been scientifically proven that a welfare of dolphins in captivity is impossible.
Each basin is compared with the ocean is too small, too crowded, too bare and unattractive. Chemically treated water and UV radiation also injure the sensitive skin of dolphins and cause ulcers. The animals are under constant stress, they become aggressive, die early and reproduce infrequently. In addition to the drab surroundings, the unnatural social structure and the unusual food mean the permanent presence of humans and the lack of retreat possibilities enormous stress for captive dolphins.

I am sure that these underwater prisons must be finally abolished.

Free Dolphins are social animals and live in family groups. They differ even between friends and acquaintances.
In the dolphinariums groups are put together randomly, incompatible animals can not escape each other.

Free Dolphins are fast swimmers and persistent: They can reach top speeds of up to 60 km / h and in one day distances up to 100 km. In the wild, the animals can dive to depths of up to several hundred meters.
In narrow pools, dolphins can not live out their natural urge to move:
They suffer.

Free Dolphins orient themselves with the help of their sonar.
The walls of the dolphin pools reflect the clicking sounds of the sonar. The result: The animals are losing their sense of direction, they are "silenced".

Many dolphinariums offer "swim with dolphins" or dolphin therapies. Apart from the question of effectiveness dolphin therapy, which has close contact with people means huge additional stress to all the other charges, must suffer the dolphins in captivity.

Without dolphinariums no catch of wild Dolphins

Only a few dolphinarium visitors are aware that trade in whales and dolphins worldwide is a thriving business. Around the globe, the animals are brutally torn from the ocean (often these dolphins are imported from the infamous Japanese hunt ) and sold as supplies of dolphinariums. Many dolphins do not survive this procedure. Those who come with their lives are traumatized. Studies show that mortality increases Bottlenose dolphin during and immediately after removal from the sea by six times.

The keeping of dolphins in the dolphinarium can not be animal-friendly and humanely.
The demand for dolphin shows will continue to promote the catch of wild dolphins.

It is highly recommended to observe whales and dolphins, where they belong: on the sea, in the context of responsible whale watching guided tours.

What can you do?
Do not visit a dolphinarium!
Ask for an import ban for dolphins in your country!

Man is the greatest enemy of the dolphins, be a friend of them!

I am very grateful for your signature and support!

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