Tell the President and Congress to Fund America's Future First!

On February 6, 2006, President Bush announced his proposed federal budget for Fiscal Year 2007. In an effort to secure America, he proposes a dramatic increase in military funding - with significant cuts to social services like health, education, housing, and nutrition. These cuts fall disproportionately on women, children, the elderly, and the poor.

Shouldn't America's security be about investing in American's health, welfare, and preparedness at home first?

Hurricane Katrina made it overtly clear that even after the 9/11 crisis, America's systems of emergency response are far from where they need to be. Our country still remains ill-prepared to handle major natural disasters and attacks by so-called weapons of mass destruction.

Last year, OVER HALF of our discretionary budget went towards Pentagon funding - nearly half a trillion dollars. And THIS year, Bush wants to increase the Pentagon's slice of the pie by 7%, to $463 billion. (This doesn't include the price of the wars in Iraq and Afghanistan, which have cost over $300 billion since 2001.)

When he pumps more money into the Pentagon, he's also funneling funds away from 141 social programs - including education, environmental protection, disease research, programs that assist low-income families, and emergency preparedness - the stuff that really protects Americans and secures our futures.

It's time for your voice to be heard. Urge the President and the Senate that they need to put American's security at home FIRST. Our defense budget is far larger than any other country's, and our military is far and away the largest and strongest in the world. Security is more than the biggest military. We can afford to invest in the security and well being of all of us at home.

It's time to make real change to the budget, to reflect our real priorities and values.

Dear Mr. President and Congress,

I understand that when considering FY07 budget priorities, national security is at the top of the list in Congress. However, simply increasing funding for the Pentagon budget while cutting funds for other vital security programs is not a good tactic for making Americans more secure. The Administration�s request for the Pentagon is over $463 billion, 7% more than last year.

We believe this Pentagon increase is unnecessary and not a smart use of federal tax dollars. We know that in addition to the Pentagon�s budget allotment, taxpayers also must shoulder huge additional costs of funding the wars in both Iraq and Afghanistan--over $300 billion since 2001; $120 billion this year.

Instead, in the FY07 budget resolution, redirect some of the 53% of the discretionary budget now spent on the Pentagon to keeping Americans safe at home.

The budget resolution should reflect our nation's real security needs. The U.S. remains ill-prepared to handle a major natural disaster or catastrophic attack by weapons of mass destruction. Hurricane Katrina made it clear that many of the problems experienced during the 9/11 crisis have not been addressed.

We must enhance our emergency preparedness by supporting our first responders; improving emergency communications systems; coordinating disaster response plans among federal, state, and local authorities; strengthening our public health services; and improving the security of ports, chemical plants, and public transportation.

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