Monroe County MI Dog Fighters

I think each and everyone of those scum bags deserve the MAXIMUM SENTENCE for dog fighting. This issue should NOT be taken lightly!!! The more people the arrest the better YEEAA MONROE COUNTY POLICE!!!!! Make it stick, they need to do PRISON time. I they get a slap on the hands and fine, it will NEVER stop!! This needs to have stronger sentencing. People will NEVER stop cruelty to animals if theres such a little cost to pay if they get caught!!! IT'S WRONG...ANIMALS HAVE RIGHTS AND WE HAVE TO STAND UP FOR THEM!!!!!! THROW THE SCUM BAGS IN JAIL FOR A VERY LONG TIME WITH NO GETTING OUT EARLY!!!!!!!! THIS HAS TO STOP!!

Our furry friends desparately need our help. They are victems to sick minded: humans???   people??? (NOT REALLY EITHER) They need US to stand up for them. Speak in public, write letters, call....NEVER stop defending them. 2 dogs died here, but can you imagine how many would of if someone wouldn't of called?? This is sick, pathetic, anal behavior and only scum bags do this kind of thing to our animals. Please sign the petition and pass it around the world!!! Prosecute these scum bags to the fullest extent of the law then go back into petitions and sign the other petition  have to make stricter laws to prosecute them. I need help! I cannot do this alone....PLEASE HELP ME ANIMAL LOVERS!!! Pittbulls are NOT aggressive until scum bags make them that way. Help us throw the book at these people, so our dogs won't have to be turned into something tey are NOT!!! Start Punishing the correct species.....and let our Pittblls live the life they deserve!!!
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