Demand Global Warming Solutions in the Great Lakes States!


The economic health of the Great Lakes region is closely linked to the health of its environment. Agriculture, tourism and recreation, and forestry -- major components of the region's economy -- all rely on nature's good fortune. These industries, as well as the health of Great Lake region residents, could be negatively impacted by global warming, which could:
* increase the production of ground-level ozone and smog, exacerbating asthma and other respiratory diseases
* increase flooding
* damage our crops and forests
* threaten winter activities and tourism
* increase drought conditions and threaten water supplies
* increase the length and frequency of extreme heat periods (above 97°F)
Unfortunately, instead of embracing proactive measures to promote climate change solutions, many Governors have ignored their responsibility to provide leadership on this issue. Therefore, citizens must encourage their governors to support practical and money-saving solutions, such as:
  1. Providing incentives for more fuel-efficient cars, trucks, and SUVs.
  2. Increasing the percentage of electricity from renewable sources.
  3. Increasing the energy efficiency of our appliances and buildings.
  4. Protecting threatened forests - which store carbon dioxide.
  5. Supporting research and development programs that that will put America's best minds to work on new technologies to address this critical problem.
Help Today! Call on your governor to take measures today to prevent further global warming! SIGN BELOW!

Dear Governor,

I am writing to express my concern about global warming and to urge you to pursue responsible, state-based solutions to this mostly human-caused problem. Specifically, I would like your support for legislation that seeks to reduce emissions of heat-trapping gases, such as carbon dioxide, from our vehicles, power plants, industries, and forest and land-use practices.

While I realize these are uncertain economic times, it is nonetheless sound and prudent management to begin today to reduce the severity of the problem -- rather than defer action and leave a much bigger and more expensive problem for our children. Furthermore, developing clean energy and transportation solutions can create new economic opportunities and jobs for our state.

A recent study authored by some of our region’s top scientists, Confronting Climate Change in the Great Lakes Region, found that climate change will likely lead to significantly higher temperatures in our state, as well as more extreme downpours with longer dry periods in between, lower water levels, and the northward march of plants and animals that could worsen our existing problems with invasive species. With summer heat expected to increase 5 to 20 degrees Fahrenheit this century, we are likely to see more heat-related deaths and increased production of ground-level ozone, which reduces air quality and exacerbates respiratory diseases. In addition, agriculture -- an economic cornerstone of our state -- is threatened by the changing climate.

Governor, please protect our ecological heritage and economic base by taking steps to reduce heat-trapping emissions from our power plants and vehicles. I look forward to hearing your plans for a climate-smart strategy for our state, and I hope you will raise this issue with your fellow governors in other Great Lakes states.

The Undersigned
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