Mother Is Forbidden to Defend Her Daughter

Connie Bedwell is the loving mother of 3 yr old Aaliyah. Connie has not seen her daughter for over 6 months now.  Aaliyah, continually physically and sexually abused by her father the majority of her life, has now been placed in his sole custody.  (The physical abuse started while she was in my womb, and the sexual abuse is believed to have started when Aaliyah's behavior changed at the age of 15 months).

Connie fled from her ex to Alaska when Aaliyah was only 4 wks old, after being physically abused and threatened with her and her daughter%u2019s lives.  Only after months of legal action and %u201Cjudge hopping%u201D was her ex able to convince Connie to relocate back to California so she would not have to fly home monthly for his supervised visitation. Ms. Bedwell agreed to move back to California only after the court promised the child would be safe, based on the fact that Aaliyah's father would continue to be on supervised visits. Aaliyah's father also has a criminal record, a long history of abusing Ms. Bender, and an alcohol problem.

Over the past few years, as Aaliyah has begun to communicate, she has complained that %u201CDaddy owies%u201D, and that %u201CGrandpa owies%u201D (Grandpa was supervising the visits).  Aaliyah has complained that Daddy hurts her butt and her pee pee.  She complains of %u201CDaddy%u2019s one-eyed yucky hairy Worm%u201D being put in her mouth.  She has returned to Connie with bruises on her body and has demonstrated how "Daddy kicked her" and %u201Cbonked her head on the table%u201D.  She has come home from visits singing, %u201CAaliyah, Aaliyah, your mommy is dead%u201D.  When asked where she learned the song, Aaliyah said, %u201CDaddy taught it to me.%u201D  She has acted out by sticking objects into her vagina and by playing %u201Cmurder%u201D with her dolls and "burying" them, always carefully hiding the mommy and the baby dolls to keep them safe.  When being handed over for visitation, Aaliyah would cling to her mother, digging her fingernails into her and screaming and crying that she didn%u2019t want to go.

Notwithstanding these inconceivable occurrences, the authorities and public officials have continued to insist they want nothing to do with the case and in fact, they cover their mistakes with lies and ludicrous statements.  Numerous changes of the Judges have happened approximately 9 times, one even recusing herself.

In July of 2008 custody was taken away from Connie, and she was only able to see her daughter in a supervised setting.  Like many of these cases that we too often see, one has to wonder how, given the circumstances, does a man with an alcoholic and abusive history who originally had a "No contact, no threats, no harassing" order on him and eventually only granted supervised visitation, manipulate the system so that he can obtain full custody, and thus, %u201Cfree license%u201D to repeatedly abuse a 3 yr old girl. These are the kinds of cases that make us all wonder if there is not some other motivation on the part of the family court system other than protecting and looking out for the best interests of young children.

It seems, in this case, that the father%u2019s lawyer is VERY well connected.  In fact, the lawyer%u2019s husband is a family court judge in the very same family court in which this case is being heard.  It is also a fact that the father%u2019s parents are very well connected within the community.  It is within these %u201Cconnections%u201D that we often find the hidden, and less than pure, motivations behind some family court decisions.

As it stands today, Connie has been placed under an unconstitutional Restraining Order, forbidding her to post on the Internet about The Truth of the case.  If she does, she is facing the possible threat that she may spend time in jail.  We are asking that the obvious injustices in this case be investigated, and that the unconstitutional %u201Crestraining order%u201D that has been placed on Connie Bedwell be lifted so that Connie may come to the defense of her helpless little girl.  We are expecting that once this case is finally exposed, that The Truth will be evident and little Aaliyah can be out of danger and reunited with her protective mom, and justice, as it should, will prevail.

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