Protect ALL PETS from cruelty and neglect

  • by: Dawn Moneyhan
  • target: Jim Doyle, Governor, Wiscoinsin Office of the Governor

When we hear the word pet, dogs and cats are the first animals that come to mind.  Unfortunately, our laws reflect this “forgetfulness”, even to the point of specifically excluding some species of animals from basic cruelty and neglect laws.  This petition is one way we can help all of the forgotten creatures that are being neglected and/or abused.  The petition is self-explanatory, please read it before you sign.  Any animal, non human, that relies on all of its care needs to be met by a human, is a “pet”.  Help me to protect those that have been forgotten and are suffering for it.  This SHOULD be an “easy fix”.

Thanks in advance,

Dawn Moneyhan
Aquatics Specialist/Nutritionist

Dear Governor Doyle,

Let me introduce myself.   My name is Dawn Moneyhan.  I am an aquatics specialist/nutritionist.  I have worked at Hoffer’s Tropic Life Pets in Milwaukee for 6 yrs where I received extensive training and education, I have been vet trained in procedures involving birds & reptiles, and I am currently working to build an animal rescue for fish and reptiles.  My focus has been split between providing care & maintenance and in educating the general public on proper care of our beloved aquatic animals.

My husband is a biologist, and has many years of college training and job experience.

While on our honeymoon we visited Beaver Springs Aquarium in the Wisconsin Dells.  The condition of the animals was sickening and heartbreaking.  We witnessed most of the fish with open sores, glazed over eyes that resembled cataracts, and a condition called “ick” that can be highly contagious and lethal if not treated.  These illnesses are caused by dirty water and lack of cleaning and care over long periods of time.  The moldy food floating in many of these tanks was a good indication of lack of care.  When I attempted to report the severe cases of neglect we witnessed, I found quickly that the current animal cruelty & neglect laws leave these animals unprotected and at the mercy of negligent people. 

Our pets need your help.  Many animals are being neglected and/or mistreated, and are not included in our animal welfare laws here in the state of Wisconsin.  Fish and reptiles lack protection from abuse and/or neglect, so when severe cases are reported to the authorities, they must sit back and do nothing to help.  If a tree can be protected, so should be our "pets", regardless of species.

If a person keeps/owns a pet, then it should be their legal responsibility to know about and provide proper care for that pet.

Every state should include ALL “pets” in such laws.  Wisconsin should be able to set an example for every other state.  A pet is an animal, any living being, not human, that is forced to rely on a human for it’s basic needs and care.  I am asking that you please help to protect these animals by reforming our animal cruelty & neglect laws to include ALL pets, public and private, regardless of species.


Included please find the signatures of the many citizens who also wish to see this change made.

Thank you in advance for your help,

Dawn Moneyhan

Please feel free to contact me for more information or input regarding this petition:



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