Help save these dogs, give them a second chance..Some want them to die, for a tragic accident ,.

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 My name is Kristen Jones. I am a third semester vet student at Ross University on St. Kitts. I am the proud owner of two Pit Bull mix dogs, Precious and Rascal. 



Unfortunately, I had to leave them behind with my parents in Jacksonville, Florida when I came to St. Kitts to pursue my dream of becoming a veterinarian. These dogs are my kids and I love them with all of my heart. On Thursday, August 31, 2006, my dogs managed to get out of my parent’s fenced-in backyard and attacked a Pomeranian that was off leash in his front yard. The owner of the dog was also bitten in the process of trying to separate the fight. The neighbors are insisting that the dogs be euthanized and that my parents pay for all medical expenses. My parents have agreed to pay for all medical expenses that came about due to this accident. I need everyone’s help to try to keep my dogs alive!

I have had both of these dogs since they were puppies. Precious is currently 3 and ½ years old. I rescued her from a home where she was not well cared for. She was tied to a tree without shelter and rarely given any type of affection. I took her into my home and supplied her with toys, affection, medical care and most of all lots of love. Rascal is 1 and ½ years old. He came into the emergency clinic that I was working at and was diagnosed with Parvo. The owners could not afford treatment and were going to euthanize him. I paid for his treatment and within a week he was totally recovered and I took him home. I worked really hard with both

dogs on obedience and socialization. I would take them to the beach, Dog Park, friends’ houses, etc. They were also around my large family (including children) for various holiday gatherings. They are each housed in a kennel and allowed access to the fenced-in back yard to relieve themselves and play with each other. They have NEVER shown aggression toward any other animals or people. This is the first time anything like this has ever happened and I don’t think that euthanasia is the answer.

I am willing to do WHATEVER it takes to keep my dogs alive. I have agreed to pay ALL expenses that have come about due to this incident as well as pay for a personal trainer/dog psychologist and additional security for the property (i.e.: Invisible Fence) to prevent this incident from ever happening again. PLEASE help me in my fight to keep my dogs alive!! Attached is a petition saying that my dogs should not be euthanized. I greatly appreciate your support on this issue.

Thank You!!


Kristen Jones      


DATE:        September 10, 2006

TO:             Mayor John Peyton and Councilman Lake Ray

RE:             The order to euthanize Kristen Jones two mixed breed dogs

This is requesting that the above named elected officials intervene in the decision by the City of Jacksonville Animal Care and Control (ACC) to put down the two dogs.  While Kristen has been out of the country completing requirements to become a Veterinarian, her parents Juanita and Gary Jones, have cared for her two dogs.  They are kept in a locked kennel in a locked garage.  They are let out to use the bathroom and to exercise in the back yard which has an iron fence with locked gates.  These dogs have spent hundreds of hours at dog parks, the beach and around the many guests at the Jones residence without a single incident.  After having seen this little(Pom) dog, which for months prior to the accident had ran free in the neighborhood, including up to and around the enclosed fenced in area, to which I feel any dog(s) would have reacted to another running about,  Kristen’s dogs managed to get under the iron gate and attacked the other dog.  The neighbor was bitten when she tried to rescue her dog.  On the basis of the dog bites, the ACC has declared the two dogs dangerous and ordered them to be put down. 
The Jones’ and the following are appealing that decision. Please hear and see the names here of the people who are speaking for the voice of my dogs, who are at the mercy, of those who may not know them, and are asked to have understanding and compassion, and to give these (my)2 dogs, who are greatly loved, who have never ever been a threat nor shown any aggression of any kind to ANY HUMANS or ANY OTHER ANIMALS ever, with much contact to both their whole lives!
Please consider all of this, and allow them a chance..

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