Ban the criminal Freemasons, Co Masons and Eastern Star (female Masons)

BORN FR33 ?.... FREEMASONRY IS 100% CRIMINAL.... We are a support group for victims of the Masons. We have overwhelming proof of the Mason's 24/7 crimes.... We can prove everything about their evil harassment, gangstalking, financial fleecing, theatre, fabrication, mobbing, intimidation, all by cowardly stealth.... This evidence can only be produced in an open or independent court (not their controlled unjust system).... We are not a hate or revenge group, only peaceful campaign for change. We do not hate Masons or anybody,only ignorance and evil. We also hate subsidizing their "legal" crimes.... Freemasonry is an evil human virus that destroys the planet and society, it makes the rich even richer through brainwash and fear. It creates gigantic amounts of cash that just "disappears".... Please sign this important petition. If you want to know more, we have a free regular newsletter (via snail-mail), all welcome, contact details below... Your ideas, support and suggestions are very welcome.... Here are some ACP's friends and members websites....  or search online for "How to stop the NWO/Masons immediately". Check "You Tube" for the brilliant Alex Jones, Jeff Rense, David Icke, Henry Makow also check online for Bill Schnoebelen's very interesting expose "The light Behind Masonry" and if you want to know how to suss out a Mason by his symbols/phone numbers or vehicle registration, etc, then search online for "Masonic Occultic Numerology".... You and your family's immediate future depends very much on your ignorance or knowledge....
Ban the criminal Freemasons, Co Masons and Eastern Star(female Masons). They are the core of corruption, greed and power. They are the invisible terrorists within every community. Do your own investigations online. Do an online search for "How to stop the NWO/Masons immediately". Checkout  or or and follow the links.
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