Demand to Free Raider My pitbull from being killed by Animal Control! Stop Euthanization against healthy emotional support dog!

My name is Ileana Garcia I am Pitbull owner of Two dogs. My male is 2 1/2 years old, named Raider and Female named Bonnie 1 yr 3 months old. I am Raising Awareness in attempt to save my dogs life and giving him my voice to stand up for Raider, my sweet loving  Dog from getting killed by Animal Control.

Unfortunately, recent events occurred on March 28th, 2019 and March 30, 2019. Burglary attempt and investigation/case against my dog(s) that are being considered a "hated breed" or "dangerous/vicious" in OC. Any donations or support with signatures will be helpful towards saving my Baby Boy Raider.

As a pet owner, this special companion of mine, I consider like my own son, has been my emotional support companion for over 2 1/2 years. I suffer clinically from PTSD,anxiety, and long history depression that I have battling internally for long period of time. If it weren't for him entering my life, I wouldn't know where I would be in life today. Raider showed me unconditional love,loyalty, and filled my void in my life, which has changed my entire perspective on life today. He gave me strength and purpose in my life. Now it is my turn to return the favor of battling to save Raider's life after saving mine! If they kill my dog I will Be irreparablly permantae injury damage by Animal Control in OC. 

As of March 28th, Raider has been seized without my consent and Quarantined with Animal Control In OC, California. The animal control staff are not being held accountable for their responsibilities, due to their own negligence. One of the employees at animal control, admitted  poor negligence to me about their mis  care mistreatment/abuse. This shelter facility are also known for hating/mistreating Pitbull/bully breeds. They are promoting false advertisement saying they promote lives of animals when all they are showing me is promoting death of killing animals. I do not agree nor trust Animal Control for having custody of my baby boy! They have no cameras and no evidence to proof anything. This is a typical scandal scam that they have been getting away with killing "pittbulls". If society really understood the term pitbull and how they  came up with this label term, they would understand that my Dog is being discriminated for it's physical appearance of having similar characteristics of what's labeled as "pitbull". My dogs are American Staffordshire Terriers- not "pittbulls" -that term was adopted from society because humans are the real reason of giving pittbulls a bad reputational name for breeding dogs to fight in a bull pitt where bulls where brought to fight other bulls. My dog is not a pitbull but is labeled as one because of their appearance. Humans are prejudice and discriminatory even towards animals. What has the world come to !? 

On March 28th , a stranger/criminal,
attempted to trespass my apartment in Fullerton ,CA and opened my front door, and that drunk person or suspect, let my dogs loose, while i was home with my two friends. The high crime rate in Fullerton neighborhood is sky rocket high, it's easily believable how ghetto this city is with safety issues/crimes daily. Unfortunately, there are no security cameras to prove evidence. Inconsistencies, in the police and animal control reports, and victim stories, all do not add up. My dogs got loose and got into a dog incident. My neighbor was a standby Witness and so what my property manager Laura, both saw that My girl Bonnie, the "big brown dog" who instigated the incident during her activity of being let loose. Bonnie showed signs of fear obviously of the unknown encounters. Neighbor witnessed Raider (gray coat) was trying to prevent Bonnie from further injuries towards anyone, but instead Raider got blamed for Bonnie's actions and injuries involved with this particular incident that is still questionable in proving which dog "bit" a human. Since there were no cameras on premises to prove. Now, I do not know any knowledge in regards to this incident. I arrived to the incident scene to retrieve my dogs safely back home away from the pool area and public. This is why I'm fighting animal control in court about these incidents to help save my dog from being killed . I believe they took the wrong dog under investigation/quarentined. Clearly, my female Bonnie, is the dog who returned home with battle wounds,mild punctures in result. Raider did return with an injury of a limping hind leg from being kicked by two fearful male humans and a older female human with a baseball bat. I personally saw the lady with the baseball bat threatened to hit my dog and did not want to let me walk my dog out of the current situation.
One of the Witnesses, Laura, who was one of the property managers on duty, she was there to break up my dogs from the victim and victims bully dog by the pool area where my dog's where found. Animal control showed up late along with Fullerton PD to the scene, they both were negligent of their duties on inconsistent reporting. Only because he is big and intimidating looking? Police and Animal control made poor decision to only take my Boy Raider away from me with out my consent. They quarantined him for rabies when he is updated with all vaccines valid for 3 years. Animal control failed to update their own internal records about my dogs rabies vaccine records. And now my poor boy is getting blamed for Bonnie's actions. Bonnie has never been in any incident before this but they both are in current training. This is Bonnie's first incident due to her fear and anxiety she reacted out on. They were both scared and being provoked by the public. I was not there to witness and neither was the police or animal control. I was told by general and regional managers, that there were two males kicking my dogs and I saw a lady waving a baseball metal bat towards my dogs admitting to committing animal brutality/cruelty/abuse.  

My apartment managers claim they were the only witnesses upon this incident, which no one showed up to the animal hearing on April 15th,2019. But, since there are no cameras on premises, it is hard to even say or prove what actually occurred. Animal control and police have messed up big time taking in the wrong dog under investigation to begin with and due to their own negligence of doing their job.

Regardless, I am a victim myself, someone was committing an attempt burglary/theft crime during this event. Someone attempted to break in entry of my home, While I was present inside my home. Now my babies aka my emotional support dogs, are now being declared dangerous/vicious animals and now the hearing officer and director of animal oc care is wanting to order euthanasia/killing against Raider for unjustified reasons and due to another incident that occurred during his quarantine period. 

For the second incident, occurred on March 30th,2019- under Animal OC control care, a kennel I  attendant employee, got severely injured during my dogs incident when the employee left his kennel door open and my dog Raider obviously got out of his kennel. The kennel attendant was working alone and left his kennel open carelessly. obviously my dog was being provoked/scared. Vicitim never showed to hearing to even get a real idea of what really occurred. He was under a lot of stress/confusion/separation anxiety, considering, they took my dog away from me without my consent and he is innocent until proven guilty. I know my baby boy Raider is a sweet loving soul and he wouldn't ever display danger or harm amongst myself or family members or friends/children. He is away from Mommy and loved ones including Bonnie (female aka Raiders daughter ) , who also misses him deeply and is currently suffering just as much as I am. I can't imagine how they are treating my sweet loving soul. Raider is Innocent till proving guilty! My dog deserves to have a voice ! 

It is obvious My dog is under a lot of stress,fear, not being able to see mommy or Bonnie(daughter). These events have been affecting my life tremendously-mentally and physically. I am currently diagnosed from my doctor, suffering from PTSD,depression, separation anxiety, And my dogs now suffer from high separation anxiety and other health concerns, Bonnie has developed symptoms of ptsd from this incident where she is showing signs of depression and anxiety after this event. Raider has never been away from mommy or Bonnie this long(over a month ) Both of My dogs are the sweetest,friendliest, loving soul animals you will ever meet. He does not deserve this incarceration/isolation when he deserves the best Rehab treatment to help recover from how animal control is molding him to become worse the longer he stays inside that kill shelter. 

Raider is being requested/ordered to be immediately killed/Euthanized. I will not allow this to happen . Please help in any way to help me fight this battle of stopping animal control from killing him without my consent.

I will be very thankful and grateful for your support along my tough journey ahead to battle this war to fight for the love of my life back! My dog deserves a voice and I will be that voice to fight for his life! He has always been very well behaved with children ,infants, elderly, and handicapped people. He has attended plenty training sessions. He Loves the dog beach and dog parks. He has touched so many other souls to help aide/heal from personal emotional trauma/internal sufferings/battles like myself. He saved my life from committing/contemplating suicide. He means the world to me and I will go to infinite measures to help save my baby boy! Fight for Justice! Fight and Stop Euthanasia! Free Raider! #FREERAIDER

I am worried this new facility is not capable of taking professional care of my Dog because of the incident from his kennel. He got into an incident with a staff member at Animal Oc care ,due to their own negligence. I am hoping to figure out a solution for Raider being transferred to a safer location or under better care treatment or simply come back home !! 
I simply just want to demand them to stop them from killing my lifelong companion I can never replace! 

If anyone can help me with my current situation, please let me know. If anyone knows Raider personally, I ask you for huge helpful favor, if you aren't able to donate, please help raise awareness and participate in creating a testimony about Raider or other dogs going through similar situation. Written and video testimonies will be accepted before July 9th 2019 for his hearing date with judicial superior court in Santa Ana California. This petition will help Raiders case tremendously and would mean the world to me for your support. Please and thank you for your time to help save a life! Feel free Please Send testimonies to my email at

PETA-"Unfortunately, some animals will be killed by municipal officials using unacceptable and cruel methods, such as gunshot. Bullets are often not placed precisely in the struggling animal's head or are deflected, and some animals survive the first shot only to be shot again and again.

Many animal shelters still use outdated gas chambers to kill animals who aren't adopted or reclaimed. Even the "best" gas boxes can expose conscious animals to the horror of watching other animals in the box suffer from convulsions and muscular spasms as they slowly die. Old, young, and sick animals are particularly susceptible to gas-related trauma and will die slow and highly stressful deaths.

And as hard as it is to believe, there are still facilities in the U.S. that kill animals using painful electrocution or cruel decompression chambers, which make the gases in animals' sinuses, middle ears, and intestines expand quickly, causing considerable discomfort or severe pain. Some animals survive the first go-around in decompression chambers and are recompressed because of malfunctioning equipment or an operator's mistake or because they get trapped in air pockets. They are then put through the painful procedure all over again." "

Please help me Save my Dog from being put down! I will battle this out and fight for my son until I have him back home safe in my arms safe with me instead of random strangers that do not care for animals that are not their own family, let alone a hated breed in oc! I love you all and thank you for your time and support! please feel free to ask me any concerns or questions regarding his case for updates.

I wouldn't request euthanasia for a child so why Raider?! 

Help me raise awareness or any donations to fight against animal control in oc to Free my emotional support dog ,Raider my loving staffy terrier dog from being killed! I am trying to negotiate with the county of OC and the director to transfer my traumatized dog to the best Rehab in the country instead of killing my SON due to their own negligence and for the superior court procedural disaster they are creating of this case in which they are clearly bastardizing! I'm currently fighting this all the way with all my blood,sweat,and tears! As any mother would for their child I would give up my life for this loving soul that is more than just and animal to me. 

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