Mentally ill (all individuals) or children removed from placed in adoptive homes will be covered for life All medical

The mentally ill and adopted children typically from the mentally ill of the community should not bear responsibility for the states Or Federal Government costs to care for these people. It’s been a generational plan to place these children into homes of unsuspecting adoptive homes stating they are unaware only for the families to discover later when finding family members that for generations the individuals have been in the system and the state as well as the families have no plan for care.

Governors for many years not specific to party past, current or future have battled this huge problem. It’s not anyone’s fault but it’s all of our responsibility if we plan on pro life for people who can’t care for themselves To be cared for with medical coverage. The families decide where they stay When the family deems necessary to have institutional help, not insurance, state agency only primary caregiver will determine along with physician where and when to provide specific care. .

Please sign to cover these people that can’t care for themselves that have a genetic physical problem or mental illness that will impact generations in the future or make life difficult to work or provide self care. These individuals should not have to bear court and other criteria to qualify. It’s unacceptable to ask these incapable or medically challenged individuals to comply or jump hoops to receive care.

1. To prevent school shootings making sure they have medication without difficulty. Some have been college bound and cannot continue because the state stopped insurance at 18. No longer allowed continued care for life for these individuals.

2.. To protect them from being harmed by over billing medical insurance institutionalized rather maintaining and treating any of their medical problem ongoing. To allow families to decide which care is best along with their institution not state agencies or insurance.

2. Maintaining a safe environment for them to live as an adult, providing safe housing not only in urban areas, rather in area where they were familiar with and close for family involvement.

3. Provide and facilitate a place for them to work integrated, if at all possible by advise of physician, mainly primary care giver (family member) not insurance. If insurance is involved with tax dollar paid program they must agree to comply with physicians plans for these individuals.

4. Insurance companies not complying with physician plans for these people will be considered not viable business and will not be licensed for providing medical care for any other individuals healthy or unhealthy. Name changes for same corporations or entity will not be allowed by same officers of the company.

Please help care for these people in Michigan and possibly providing for other states as well. .
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