Make Health Care a Priority in 2009!

The big banks, insurance giants and automakers are lining up at the public trough. But your financial situation is precarious, too.

The economic crisis means our 401Ks are smaller, our retirements further away, and our families closer to economic ruin. What if you had to use what's left of your savings just to cover health care costs?

We have a chance, right now, to shape our nation's priorities. Affordable, high-quality health coverage for you and your family must be among the first things the new President and Congress address. We should no longer have to give up our retirement or a child's college education just to pay for needed care.

If our leaders let the big insurance and drug companies continue to dictate our health care, what will happen? The status quo may work for them, but its not working for us.

We can't invest in our future if we have to pay more and more each year for our health care.
Tell President Obama that health care is key to our economic recovery.

Health care reform is an economic priority

Dear President Barack Obama,

As you work on our nation's economic recovery, I urge you to make improving our health care system an important part of that effort. Until all Americans have access to affordable, quality health coverage, people like me will continue to struggle financially under the weight of higher premiums, co-pays and deductibles, while receiving lower-quality care.

The crisis in health care is severe. While it has been building more slowly over the past seven years than the current economic crisis, it continues to take a toll on my livelihood, and keeps me from achieving the dreams I have for myself and my family.

The cost of health care has grown faster than our incomes. Those of us fortunate enough to have good health coverage through our jobs are finding it difficult to afford, as more costs are shifted to us through reduced benefits and higher premiums, co-pays and deductibles. The millions of Americans without any coverage either go without care, or raid their savings or face bankruptcy to get the help they need.

Just as the economic crisis has limited my choices, so has the health care crisis. Rising health costs and tenuous insurance coverage force countless Americans to make life-changing choices about getting a better education, changing jobs, having a child or even staying married.

Simply put, providing Americans with affordable, quality health care is critical to our nation's economic recovery. In your first actions as President, please include meaningful health reform so that all Americans can afford to have decent health care.

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