Enforce the Law and send in help

  • by: Emma Sadler
  • target: Ringling Bros. Barnum and Baliey, ASPCA/PETA
Ringling Bros. have had several items recently surfaced that shed new light on the inhumane treatment of these magnificent animals. The federal Endangered Species Act was put in place in 1973 but is not associted with circus' and Ringling hasnt listened to the Animal Welfare Act and just tries harder to hide their dirty cruel work. The ASPCA should push the act strong on the circus to ensure better care and better training for the Asian Elepahnts and other animalsin the circus. ASPCA recently with 3 other organziations sued Ringling agiainst the Endagered Species Act for the Asian Elephant. Sign to support They are trying to free the exotic but what about the non? former Ringling trainers have also reported on horse abuse and animal used in so many circuses. We need to hit the source of this, the people.
They say "Our training methods are based on continual interaction with our animals, touch and words of praise, and food rewards." Ringling trainers and handlers shows that elephants were aggressively hooked, lame elephants were forced to perform and travel, and a trainer inflicted a bloody bullhook wound behind an elephant’s ear flap. Former Ringling employees that left the circus in 2006 and 2007 describe violent beatings as well as the routine abuse of elephants, horses, camels, and zebras. They dont just need a law because they will find other ways to avoid it they need the act tightened and new trainers who care and can train with positive reinforcement. Those animals that cannot be trained by the safe humane way of training should not be allowed in the circus.
They have three claims that are against the Endangered Species Act
1. The use of bullhooks and electric prods to beat and train the elephants to do tricks
2. The constant chaining of the animals(which ringling does up to 20 hours a day if they are not showing or training they are chained)
3. The forcable removal of babies and at an age when they shouldnt be removed is the other that is against.
To learn more or just talk about it feel free to e-mail me at animalsaver123@nyc.rr.com
I am hoping to pass this through as I am hoping to be able to be one of the people to go in a help humanely train the animals and make overall life better. If youre gonna take an animals from the wild just use them for shows you should then treat them like a king or queen and make their life the best possible.
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