Protect Alaska's Bears and Wolves

The state of Alaska is increasingly targeting wolves and bears by allowing inhumane hunting practices across the state -- even in national preserves.

This unsporting, wasteful behavior -- including shooting brown bears after baiting them and killing wolves, coyotes and bears when they are raising vulnerable young -- are part of the state's efforts to increase moose and caribou populations, solely for the benefit of hunters.

Throughout the world, hunting practices avoid killing animals that are denning, those that are raising babies and the very young. Baiting and then killing brown bears poses extreme risks to both humans and other wildlife -- this barbaric hunting method is prohibited in all other states and is barred worldwide.

The National Park Service has proposed temporary regulations that prohibit one or more of the hunting methods authorized by the state of Alaska in a number of national preserves. Tell the Service that you support regulations to protect wolves, bears and coyotes.
Thank you for taking a stand to protect wildlife on national preserve lands. I support the protective measures set forth in the 2013 compendiums that would prohibit such barbaric "hunting" practices as brown bear baiting, killing wolves and coyotes with pups, killing bears with cubs and shooting bears in their dens using artificial light.

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Manipulations of wildlife populations that are meant to reduce the number of predators in order to boost the number of prey animals for human consumption go directly against the legislated purpose of our national preserves. These hunting practices also pose a danger to humans and wildlife in the area; they rarely occur elsewhere because they are cruel, unsporting and unsustainable. The state's board of game and the state of Alaska have repeatedly refused to work with the National Park Service to exempt national preserve lands from the recent changes to hunting regulations. In order to ensure that national preserves are managed according to federal law and policy, I support protective measures against these hunting practices in Alaska.

Specifically, I support the compendiums prohibiting baiting brown bears in the following national preserves: Wrangell St-Elias, Denali and Yukon-Charley Rivers.

I also support the compendiums that prohibit wolf and coyote hunting when the animals are raising vulnerable young and when their pelts have little value. The affected national preserves are Denali, Gates of the Arctic, Katmai, Aniakchak, Alagnak Wild River, Lake Clark, Wrangell-St. Elias and Yukon-Charley Rivers.

Finally, I support the compendiums that prohibit killing black bears at den sites using artificial lights and killing black bear sows with cubs in Denali and Gates of the Arctic national preserves.

Thank you for putting wildlife first and refusing to bend to the extreme campaign against predators launched by the board of game and the state of Alaska. I applaud the measures in the 2013 compendiums and request that the Park Service adopt a regulation to permanently address this issue.
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