Tell The 'The British Association For Shooting And Conservation' Not To Give Guns To Toddlers!

  • by: Liv Kaged
  • target: President of The British Association For Shooting And Conservation, The Earl of Home

In Britain there is no legal minimal age to which someone can apply for a shotgun cerdifcate. This means children as young as two and three years old are at British shooting clubs, shooting at targets and owning their own guns. Firearms are hightly dangerous and not toys, so why is 'The British Association For Shooting And Conservation' allowing children to be members and have guns? 

Studies have shown children exposed to live gun violence are often traumalized, lack empathy, and become more aggressive in later years because they have been taught in bloodshed and violence. Children raised around gun violence often lack respect for life and struggle to understand the difference between shooting foxes and taking part in culls to beating the family dog and strangling their pet rabbit. Children exposed to this kind of violence become very anti-social and withdrawn, become paranoid and suffer anxiety, more at risk of nightmares and becoming aggressive with peers.

Gun violence, controlled or not, causing psychological effects on the children involved. Yet 'The British Association For Shooting And Conservation' is telling parents that the younger they start out being trained with forearms the better it is for the child in the future. That is not all; they are also encouraging parents to join school boards and "educate the educators" about the importance of gun training for children. 

Have they no shame? Schools are for places of safe learning, not to study guns.

Please let 'The British Association For Shooting And Conservation' that we don't want to see children handling guns, we don't want children around guns, and we believe gun use and ownership should only be used for over eighteens. Protect our children from violence and bloodshed of guns. Urge The Earl of Home not to allow children any access to firearms.  

Dear reader, 

'The British Association For Shooting And Conservation' is targetting your children and encouraging teachers and yourself to expose them to live gun violence and bloodshed. There are many studies which have supported and proved that children exposed to such things have psychological effects caused by the trauma which follows them into adulthood. 

There is no legal minimal age in which someone can own or use a shotgun, meaning it is perfectly legal for a child of the age two and three to be aiming at life targets which their own hand gun. Children are often killing live targets before they fully understand death.

This is not on. Please sign this petition and help us get better gun control in Great Britain and not allow the use or ownership of guns to anyone under the age of eighteen. 

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