Save the gorgeous Gandolfo Gardens at Moreland Station!


Teddy Bears And Mad Hatters Unite To Save Gandolfo Gardens

Community group Guardians of Gandolfo Gardens have organized a protest against plans to remove numerous significant trees at Moreland Station as part of the Level Crossing Removal Project. The family-friendly, peaceful protest will take place at Gandolfo Gardens on Sunday, 4 August 2019, at 10:00 a.m. and will feature children's story-time sessions, a Mad Hatter's tea party, cakes and other sweet treats, roving musicians including local singer-songwriters Ewan Burke and Leo Nazarov, as well as a few surprises. Interested attendees (young or old) are encouraged to dress up with hats, fairy wings and the like, and to bring along their teddies and filled teapots!

See you all at the Gardens!

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We have now set up a Facebook page! Please follow Guardians of Gandolfo Gardens for all the latest.

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1) Tim Read has asked for a commitment to retain the trees at Gandolfo Gardens in Parliament. Answer to be forthcoming in 30 days. - Surely that time is up now!!

2) Moreland Council meeting is on tonight! Come along if you can and let them know your views.

3) Moreland Council have released a press statement to the effect that they are "disappointed" by the lack of consultation. And? That's it? Cry me a river.

4) LXRA/LXRP have just released details of station designs - with precious little tree sightings in the artist impressions. Gandolfo Gardens appears to have vanished altogether.

5) LXRA/LXRP "consultation" sessions a bit of a joke, with no information actually given out, and widespread lack of letterboxing of affected residents.


The gorgeous Gandolfo Gardens and surrounding trees at Moreland Station are under threat!

Named after the first Mayor of the area, the S Gandolfo Gardens on the West side of beautiful Moreland station feature soaring flowering gums, homes for possums, wattlebirds, lorikeets, magpies and hordes of other native wildlife. The remains of an Indigenous Canoe Tree is memorialized in a seating area. On the other side, majestic palm trees and many other mature native trees and shrubs further contribute to neighbourhood amenity and the lungs of the planet. These gardens, along with Moreland station, the signal box, footbridge and surrounding houses form the Moreland Station Precinct, an area of local historical and architectural significance to the City of Moreland.

Incredibly, the Level Crossing Removal Authority (or Project) has now determined, with no public consultation on the subject whatsoever, to chainsaw away the trees in the Gandolfo Gardens and quite possibly the trees on the opposite side to store their SkyRail building materials and equipment. This decimation is likely to happen in the next few months. The Upfield train line will also be out of action for at least 3 months.

How dare this government-appointed authority decide to destroy a much-loved community park! These are perfectly healthy, lovely trees that you would think would already be protected under our existing laws. You would also assume that Heritage protection might count for something. Sadly, Tim Read, MP for Brunswick, has heard directly from LXRA/LXRP about these plans.

Don't think it is possible? Have a look at the outcome of similar constructions in Noble Park, Seaford and Clayton. LXRA/LXRP have carte blanche to remove these trees. LXRA/LXRP could surely find an alternative Lay-down area. The carpark near the tram depot springs to mind.

Like many in the community, Moreland City Councillors Sue Bolton and Oscar Yildiz shared the widespread sense of outrage about the prospect of losing a beautiful, established and important area for such a trivial purpose. Sue Bolton was instrumental in submitting a Notice of Motion calling upon Council to help protect the Gardens by working with LXRA/LXRP to find an alternate temporary storage area. After a surprisingly tardy start, the rest of the Councillors have now decided to commit to public action, and the Motion was passed unanimously. This is a welcome development but the Gardens are not yet safe. We need to continue to demand a better outcome for residents and for everyone who enjoys living on a habitable planet.

Please sign to send a clear message to LXRA/LXRP and the Victorian Government, especially our Premier, the Hon. Daniel Andrews, MP Lizzie Blandthorn and the Minister for Planning, the Hon. Richard Wynne, that this intended destruction of our beautiful, beloved and historic parkland is not and never will be acceptable.

Update #53 months ago
Great news:

Moreland City Councillor Sue Bolton's Motion to protect the Gandolfo Gardens by working with LXRP to find an alternate area was passed unanimously by Council. We're very glad that the other Councillors finally agreed to commit to a public action and decision. This is a welcome development but the Gardens are not yet safe.

The next step will be to put pressure on the State Planning Minister, LXRP, and local MP Lizzie Blandthorn, Member for Pascoe Vale.

Thanks for your support!

Update #43 months ago

Councillor Sue Bolton has responded to our concerns and has now lodged a Notice Of Motion for the Moreland City Council meeting this Wednesday, 9/5/19, namely:

"That Council works with the Level Crossing Removal Project (LXRP) to seek alternative sites to store much of the LXRP heavy equipment.." (NOM19/19)

Now is the perfect time to contact your local Councillor, share the petition again to gain as much support as possible, or, if you can, even attend the Council meeting!

Please help!
Update #33 months ago
Hi supporters!

Some good news: We have nearly reached 400 signatures now!

Even better news: Moreland City Councillor Sue Bolton, Brunswick MP Tim Read and prospective Wills candidate Adam Pulford have all committed in public to the goal of saving the beautiful Gandolfo Gardens.

Let's see if the State government and rest of Moreland City Council can follow suit.

Share, share, share! It truly makes a difference. We can still knock this proposal on the head and save this beautiful space.

Update #24 months ago
Hi all,

Just to let you know that the Moreland City Council meets tonight - but the Gandolfo Gardens is not listed anywhere on the agenda. This is truly disappointing. You would think that the Councillors would be prepared to take formal action to save this beloved area from destruction. After all, they are elected to serve the needs of the community.

Please continue to share with friends and family to ensure that reason prevails and these trees are protected.

Thanks again for your support.
Update #14 months ago
Great news, everybody!

Not only is our petition going brilliantly (with 287 supporters in only 2 weeks), but the issue is now gaining media attention!

The Moreland Leader published an article on 25/3/19 by Josh Barnes, entitled "More than 20 trees in danger over level crossing works at Coburg park", directly addressing this issue.

Please keep sharing, commenting and signing in order to keep the pressure on decision-makers!

Thank you so much for your support - it truly makes a difference.

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