Protest ongoing nonconsensual human experimentations ! Bring human rights abusers to justic

  • recipient: Bertrand Ramcharan, Mr., the Office of the United Nations High commissioner
I am a victim of international human rights abuse. A victim of the ongoing nonconsensual human experimentations sponsored by the U.S. and my home country - Chinese government. A homeless international human "lab animal". An ongoing human experimentation victim and an international "human toy" who is victimized by Motorola. A victim who is labled as not elligible to claim my victimization. This crime has been going on for more than 3 years. Plesae help me to stop the human experimentations conducted on me and save my life out of the murders' hands !
July 03, 2003

Dear Mr. Ramcharan,

I , a victim of the nonconsensual human experimentation, mind control, international torture, organized crime, public stalking , government frauds, white collar crime, microwave abuse, and satellite harassment, am writing to you inspired by your speech on the united nations international day in support of victims of torture to bring your attention to help me by taking the immediate action to stop an ongoing international human rights abuse crime and save my life out of the hands of murderers.

My persecutors are Motorola, Motorola related gangsters, Motorola's international shareholders, U.S President George W. Bush, Chinese president Jingtao Hu, U.S. and Chinese government.

This crime has been going on for more than 3 years. The evolution of this crime is astonishing. I was labeled as "mentally disabled" at the beginning of the crime for being panic for hearing "non-existing" voice and "imagine" my home phone's 911 service was blocked. From then on, I am treated as not being eligible to claim my victimization and asking for protection.

To protect myself and save my life, I keep on running to the local police, FBI, EEOC, DOJ, Motorola and even Chinese Embassy in Washington D.C. for help. But I am not able to get the help I need. Alone with the government frauds, white collar crimes of Motorola, political games, and the involvement of gangsters, my situation gets worse and worse. From a victim of work place violation, sexual harassment, an involuntary nonconsensual human experimentation object for Motorola and U. S. government, I even become the "lab animal" of my home country - Chinese government after my visit to the Chinese embassy in D.C for asking help. My victimization is then added more features of overtly life threatening personal persecutions, international torture and gangster related international conspiracy. My victimization and the termination of my victimization become a polictical game between Chinese and U.S presidents.

Motorola as the major persecutor of mine plays the important role of conducting human experimentation, human rights abuse and conspiracy. No matter what I do, where I go, Motorola and Motorola related people are always major part of this crime. They overtly insult the rightoues of the society and present themselves as someone beyond the regulation of law.

I am illegally radiated by microwave for unconsensual human experimentations and persecution purpose. Especially during nighttime, my physical wellness is completely threatened by the invisible harmful and even lethal microwave for murder and torture purpose. My brain is also illegally used to provide energy towards other brains and even used as a toy to play mind game.

My life is being taken away daily by the invisible microwave radiation. My intention and any effort to bring these criminals to justice and the progress of the human experimentation are the major driving forces of conducting murder on me.

For more than 3 years, I am illegally high-tech stalked. I am under an involuntarily and comprehensive surveillance and even been video taped all day long. My physical activities are watched , there is no single moment of privacy available. The malicious and intrusive comments are broadcasted to the public. My whole life environment is manipulated and controlled - including my cellular, my phone, my car, my laptop, my digital camera, my bank account, my credit history, my mail, my email, my camcoder, my room, my gym membership, the pictures I took and even my online activities. As a pleasure, my persecutors make every possible moment of my daily life a hard time.

The illegally collected personal information of mine is complete controlled, manipulated and even used for commercial purpose. In order to prevent me from getting support and protection, my persecutors constantly step into my career, my personal life, my family, friend circle and even the churches I visited. They illegally present their victim - me to people for the purpose of discredit my ability to report this crime and request protection and personal persecution. The witnesses of this crime are controlled, threatened and even abused to prevent them from helping me. Under the cover of government frauds, conspiracy and white collar crime, everything is made "not" provable to me.

A recently appeared false identity evokes more and more conspiracy and human relationship scenes to mislead the public. She is expected to play an role to cover for government frauds, complicate my situation and replace me as the victim.

Among the verbal harass, intentional mental attack, unbearable stalking behavior of mental sick persons, physical microwave abuse, mind control is the hardest part of my survival. It takes me a long time to realize I am mind controlled. Besides the physical (especially brain) discomfort, I am also emotionally affected in a malicious way. My persecutors could choose anytime to use microwave to emotionally and functionally harass me, disturb my sleep, invoke dream for "testing love", make me extremely sleepy during driving, cannot read, concentrate and think. Lack of enough knowledge of mind control, and not be able to get the assistant from the witnesses, I can hardly be able to protect myself out of the radiation of microwave operated by multiple satellites.

My body is also subject to microwave radiation for cancer related and other unknown experimentations, torture and personal persecution purpose. My biological activities are also controlled. The painful experience of microwave abuse makes me even do not want to rethink about it any more.

To terminate my victimization requires no more than the permission of providing legal protection towards me. It requires an effective international legal action in against of human right abuse, bring at large criminals and murders to justice, control organized crime, combat government frauds and white collar crimes conducted by Motorola and the gangster involved international conspiracy.

I, a homeless international "lab animal", a so-called "mentally disabled" woman for claiming her victimization, helpless and powerless, struggling for saving my life in against of government crimes and gangster involved the international conspiracies, strengthened by the public support, am here to ask you to take the leadership of an public participated and monitored international action from a law enforcement point of view to provide legal protection towards me and look into this international human rights abuse crime.

Please help me to take effective and immediate action to investigate and stop any ongoing human experimentations that have being conducted on me. Ban the illegal mind control and satellite harassment. Arrest my direct personal persecutors - HongMin Yu, Jeff Jones, Jessie Zhang, Yuping Wang, Dave Wisti and Christopher Gavin. Protect the witnesses. Call on an investigation independent of Motorola international shareholders, gangsters, U.S. and Chinese government in support of the international human rights. Provide support for the freedom of press. Open the opportunity for public media to participate. Bring the human rights abusers to justice through a public trail.

I am looking forward to hearing from you !


Zhengrong Li
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