Seaworld: Stop Putting Whales In Danger!

When Nakai the orca whale raised his head up in front of SeaWorld's audience, he revealed a wound as wide as a "dinner plate" and deep enough to show his tissue and bone. Nakai's badly torn lower jaw is the result of SeaWorld forcing incompatible orcas to cohabitate.

The founder and principal scientist of The Orca Trust witnessed Nakai's gruesome injury during a SeaWorld visit. He argues the "puncture marks that match orca teeth spacing," are strong evidence that Nakai was hurt by a whale he shares a pool with.

SeaWorld claims Nakai's injury was sustained when he ran into the side of the pool, but animal rights groups aren't buying it due to the severity and nature of the gash.

Housing incompatible orcas in the same space violates the Animal Welfare Act. This wouldn't be the first time SeaWorld's housed aggressive orcas together, but it must be the last.

Seaworld: Stop forcing incompatible orcas to live in the same space where whales must endure stress, bloody injuries, and possible death!
Dear Seaworld,

Housing incompatible orca whales together for public entertainment purposes is animal abuse, and it's time to stop treating this issue as a second-rate problem. Prioritize how whales are housed at your amusement parks so they are not confined to stressful, physically dangerous, and deadly living conditions.

The most recent instance of incompatible housing--resulting in a gruesome gash on a SeaWorld orca's lower jaw--should be enough to change Seaworld protocol. The bottom of the whale's mouth looks like it was sliced straight off, leaving a huge area of pink tissue and visible bone.

Seaworld has stated that this injury occurred because the orca ran into the side of the pool. The severity of the wound and the teeth marks on the injury indicate that this wasn't an accident, but an aggressive fight that broke out between orcas that should not be sharing a pool together. Violating marine life housing practices is illegal under the Animal Welfare Act, and it also creates a cruel prison for whales that must endure bloody and harmful interactions.

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It's Seaworld's responsibility to make sure whales are safe--including from each other. Stop forcing whales to endure painful injuries and stressful living spaces!

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