RE-FIRE Civil Rights Breaking Police Officer-Todd Dickinson of Lancaster City Police

Summary: Officer Todd Dickinson was fired unanimously by the City Council for insults and intimidation in 2007 on a Russian Immigrant caught on video. That same officer was rehired without any additional training. 2016-current he is in another civil rights lawsuit placed against him by a Philadelphia Police officer who was visiting Lancaster PA for a family event.
Details: In 2007 Officer Todd Dickinson was fired by the Lancaster City Council by a unanimous vote. He was charged with "conduct unbecoming an officer." This was in regards to a 2006 incident that was caught on videotape by a 17 year old neighbor and given to WGAL. One the tape the officer is heard hurling insults at the man after he finds out he is a Russian immigrant who spoke little English. The officer was recorded saying... "shut up. You stink like (expletive). You know what they do in Russia if you are out here now?" At this point he swung his nightstick and slammed it against some sort of metal behind/near the man’s head, continuing on to say "You catch it right upside your (expletive) gourd. That's what they do in Russia. So shut your mouth." according to Lancaster Online and the footage submitted to WGAL. (article below)
Per the PDF Document "Stated Meeting-City Council, July 10, 2007 on PAGE 5. The City Council discussed the suspended Officer, Todd Dickinson. in this public record it says that "on or about January 15, 2007, Chief of Police Samuel Gatchell delivered to Officer Dickinson a Specification of Charges of conduct unbecoming an officer and unfitness for service." (document below)
At some point this officer was rehired at the surprise of an editor online, who was frustrated that Lancaster Newspaper was doing an article on him for a Volleyball fundraiser he played in while undergoing a lawsuit for violating someone’s Civil Rights. Which does beg to question, do we really want this man as the face of our police force? It is very sad that there are great officers on the force and people like Todd Dickinson have influenced the minds of many to the point that they just accept officers like Todd Dickinson as the norm.
Details: on May 29, 2016-Current: Todd Dickinson is currently going through another Civil Rights lawsuit that occurred on 5/29/16 at Long's Park in Lancaster PA. According to Lancaster Online, Officer Sterling Staton Sr., of Levittown, accuses the two officers of "procedural due process violations, malicious prosecution and abuse of process" related to the summary citation they wrote to Staton. He is suing the city of Lancaster, stating that it maintains “policies, practices, and customs, which were the moving force that resulted in Sterling's constitutional rights to be violated.” This incident occurred when the officers were called to Long's Park for an unrelated fight. Staton was cited for disorderly conduct and accused of starting a massive fight. He was also accused of refusing to provide ID, moderate intoxication and armed at the time, among other accusations. HOWEVER, a VIDEO was posted to the internet the day after the incident and it shows that there was NO fight when police arrived and that Staton did identify himself as an off-duty Philadelphia police officer AND provided his ID. Read more at the link below

See video and hand written citation filled with lies from officer Todd Dickinson Furthermore: Did you know that "the Law Enforcement Officers' Bill of Rights (LEOBR or LEOBoR) is intended to protect American law enforcement personnel from investigation and prosecution arising from conduct during official performance of their duties, and provides them with privileges based on due process additional to those normally provided to other citizens?
Regarding the above, has anyone else noticed that police misconduct has increased in the last decade? I do not know where Pennsylvania stands on the above bill of rights as only 13 States have adopted different forms of the bill. However, I can understand now why these officers are getting away with so much.
Suffix: There is a misunderstanding currently in society. The police work for us. We pay their paychecks. We pay the above court and fine fees when they break the law, as officer Todd Dickinson has done multiple times. This has to stop. Something must be put in place to deter this sort of behavior because currently officers feel untouchable and in all honestly, they nearly are. It’s too late to rectify Todd Dickinson’s actions with a slap on the wrist, as he has been warned and given multiple chances. It is now up to the community to make an example of this officer and show the city that we will not stand for police misconduct. We want police officers that care for our wellbeing, someone we can trust for help, and even confide in if needed. We should not fear the police because we should not have people to fear, like Todd Dickinson, on the force.
Please sign this petition to have officer Todd Dickinson permanently fired from the police force due to misconduct. Please keep track of what is going on in your community as this man was rehired right under our noses, without training or anger management classes and has gone on to commit more misconduct and civil rights violations against the people of Lancaster.

Thank you people of Lancaster County. Let’s keep our streets safe for our children and family’s so that they can feel safe physically and emotionally.
Update #11 years ago
His Civil Rights Pretrial is November 9th! Please get this petition out to everyone you know!
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