President Bush: For my family's security, I will not vote for you

As mothers, our top priority is protecting the people we love, and providing them with a secure foundation. To achieve that goal, our maternal instincts are telling us we need a new president.

After four years of the Bush administration, our families are far less secure in many ways and our country is headed in the wrong direction. We believe the United States deserves a stronger leader, and that leader is John Kerry.
  • We deserve a president who protects us with vision and through intelligent strategies aimed directly at combating terrorism, rather than through a misguided war that has caused America to lose respect and support around the world.
  • We deserve a president who will not gamble away our savings on tax cuts for the wealthy and an unjustified war that is leaving our descendants with an overwhelming deficit.
  • We deserve a president who manages a budget that leaves no child behind, hungry, uneducated or impoverished.
  • We deserve a president who believes sick people need equal access to quality healthcare, and that benefits for the elderly should not dwindle.
  • We deserve a president who honors and protects our natural resources so that our own children can inherit and pass on a healthy planet.
  • We deserve a president who respects the civil rights of every citizen and leaves choices on God and marriage up to each individual.
Join with Mothers Opposing Bush to tell President Bush that we will be voting for our security and our future on November 2nd, and thus we will be voting for John Kerry!
Dear President Bush:

I am writing to tell you why I am standing with Mothers Opposing Bush and am not voting for you on November 2nd.
Four years ago, our children's legacy seemed in good shape. But today, mothers (and others) are far less secure in many ways and our country is headed in the wrong direction. I believe that your administration cannot help us surmount the issues that are facing us today.

The greatest intelligence failure in our country took place during your administration. You initially opposed the 9/11 Commission and only embraced it when the public did. This report states that the Iraqis had nothing to do with 9/11. Instead of focusing on Osama bin Laden and Al Qaeda, the true culprits of 9/11, the Bush administration has chosen to send our sons and daughters into harm's way:

** Iraq had no weapons of mass destruction, and no connections with 9/11;
** Iraq presented no imminent danger to the U.S.;
** Military intervention should be the last resort when fighting terrorism;
** Thousands of Americans and Iraqis have died;
** We have violated international law in torturing prisoners;
** Afghanistan is in chaos and the chaos spills into Pakistan;
** Our invasion of Iraq has increased anti-American sentiments and terrorist activity, creating a recruitment tool for terrorists;
** Our resources are strained now while Korea and Iran are ignored.

On September 12, the world united in support of America. Today, I trust that John Kerry will use his experience and political judgment to return us to the world community.

I believe John Kerry's experience, intelligence and policies will allow him to:
** Deal with terrorism effectively;
** Return us to economic stability;
** Provide smart solutions to the Iraqi quagmire;
** Regain the trust of our allies;
** Improve our children's schools, healthcare and environment;
** Be a president who will restore and strengthen the soul of America.

To this end I support the MOB's TV ad campaign, airing in swing states and mobilizing mothers (and others) around this critical election.


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