Sex Trade Workers are Human Beings

Columnist Richard Littlejohn's inhumane, ignorant, and misogynist attack against Sex Trade Workers in England who were killed while working.

As a former Sex Trade Worker I am very concerned about this columnist's abuse of his mass media powers to further his misogynist views against women who work in the sex trade.

In fact, he needs to apologize to all Sex Trade workers and all the families who've lost a daughter, sister, and/or mother to the misogynists, like himself, who obviously think that murdering a Sex Trade worker is justified by their "grubby little existences" and their inability to "discover a cure for cancer."

I would like him to apologize for his remarks and take responsibility for his lack of education on the matter of decriminalization vs. legalization and his obvious hatred of women who work in the Sex Trade.

Does he know how many women have lost their lives while providing a service to the public? Is he friendly with Mr. Pickton? Yes, the man who stands accused of killing over 35 sex trade workers in Canada and feeding them to pigs? Does he know anything about patriarchy and the fact that many women in the trade are there because society views sex trade workers as disposable objects, just as he does, to be denigrated and murdered?

He claims that "these women were on the streets because they wanted to be."

While some sex trade workers are, many are not there because they want to be. Some are there because they are impoverished by patriarchal systems that are responsible for a woman making less than a man, and in a lot of cases women who are in sex work are doing so because they need to survive. They've been kicked again and again by this 'masculine social system' we live in where men have exclusive rights over avenues to power and financial stability.

Quote: "This wasn't a case of women going on the game to put bread on the table, or to look after their "babies". That's what the welfare state is for. They did it for drugs."

I wonder if Mr. Littlejohn has ever lived on the welfare system for any length of time? If so he would know that it's a pittance and not enough to have a decent life, especially if you have children.

Mr. Littlejohn needs to step out of his ignorance and realize the complex dynamics of addiction, survival sex work, patriarchy, decriminalization of sex work and he especially needs to take responsibility for his misogynistic remarks with a formal apology to Sex Trade Workers worldwide, for his crass ignorance and his complete disregard for the sanctity of human life.

If you click below for 'more information' you can read his disgusting article.
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