Act Now to Stop Cruel Cosmetics Tests on Animals in the U.S.

  • by: PETA
  • target: Personal Care Products Council, Health and Human Services Secretary Kathleen Sebelius, U.S. Congress
Every year, countless rats, rabbits, guinea pigs, and mice are burned, poisoned, and killed in cruel tests for cosmetics, personal-care, and household products. In these archaic tests, animals are forced to inhale chemicals until they become sick or die, are tightly restrained while chemicals are dripped into their eyes, or are immobilized and have caustic substances smeared onto their bare skin. In most cases, they must endure these horrors without any pain relief!

No U.S. law requires that cosmetics be tested on animals, and although the European Union, Israel, and India have all banned cosmetics testing on animals, environmental and industry groups and some members of Congress in the U.S. are pushing for regulatory changes that would lead to an increase in cruel and archaic product tests on animals.

Dozens of tests are already in use that are cheaper, faster, and more accurate at predicting human reactions than tests on animals ever were. Please sign this petition to urge the cosmetics industry, federal regulators, and Congress to put a stop to cruel cosmetics tests on animals.
Dear [Decision Maker],

I am concerned that the U.S. has fallen behind the international community by continuing to allow cruel tests on animals for cosmetics instead of banning these archaic and unreliable product-testing methods. I support a full ban on all tests on animals for cosmetics and personal-care products and urge you to act to prohibit such tests.

Cosmetics should never be valued over animals' lives, and I urge you not to support any attempts to increase or require product tests on animals. These cruel tests are now banned in the European Union, Israel, and India. Americans deserve the same level of ethical and scientific progress, and we must not fall behind the international community by allowing companies to poison, mutilate, and kill animals in archaic product tests.

Please act today to ban all tests on animals for cosmetics and ensure that any new product-safety legislation or regulations specifically prohibit tests on animals.

Please save animals from these cruel tests and align the product-testing regulations of the United States with those of the international community to prohibit the use of animals.
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