help the satanic temple to get The Arkansas Supreme Court to allow religous statue at Arkansas state capital

  • by: Haley
  • recipient: To support Satanic temple of Arkansas, Arkansas

Please help support the satanic church of Arkansas, to be given the chance or for lack of better wording, the RIGHT! To place a symbol of religious value on The Arkansas State Capital grounds. Arkansas having a very closed minded reputation, has started to make itself become another state known for how tolerant it can be , ecspecially for its location of the state capital and one of few largest cities in the state, LITTLE ROCK. For example, more tolerance has been given to death row inmates on how they should be humanily executed, gay and lesbian pride, The black lives matter movement and etc. How can this all be given a chance when a long standing religious church, known for being charitable in the past with its community, be denied the right to erect a statue celebrating the religion and all people who worship and praise these teachings? How is this fair?!The Christian religion of various sects and churches, such as catholic, baptist, and many other derivatives of the same teachings were aloud to place a statue of the Ten Commandments and in almost every state capital you can find this statue in it. As a country where constant tolerance for everyone and everything down to the fear of hurting a flys feelings is a concern. I believe the satanic temple should be given the right to place the Baphomet statue at the capital just like any other religion would Beable too. And let's face the facts,satanism and the teaching and worship of satan is not anything new nor should it be a shocking taboo of any kind, many people do attend the church and worship satanism.In Arkansas where the head quarters of the klu klux klan or the KKK, is stationed in its small town of Harrison, and which remains to stand with a cheek turned away from its ethics for decades, I believe in the state of Arkansas, everyone should treat the unfair judgement given to the people of the satanic community as an act of intolerance, and injustice just as any other religion would ask of its community, state, and of course it's local and state government! Actually lets all get together and make this a national case of unfair intolerance from a state that resides in a country founded on freedom and has given its people the right to freely worship what they wish to do so, no matter if it is satanism, this is a religion formed from what some would say the works and teachings of the Christian faith! The Baphomet needs to be right beside the commandments and every other statue involved in a religious belief. Please if you would give these faithful believers of Satan to be given equal right to proudly display a part of there faith? Please sign this petition and know you are doing the right thing, and what an American should do.

Update #11 years ago
To all of the people who sign this I am very humbled by your help to support this issue but we are far from our goal and need everyone to share this via Facebook etc! The sky is the limit!
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