Petition to stop or change the NJ TINT LAW. 39:3-75
Possible tint registration fee.

We are starting this petition as representatives of many New Jersey motorists who are upset with law 39:3-75.  This law states that the two front windows on a vehicle may not be tinted in anyway.  We believe this law is gratuitous for many reasons though we understand it is meant for protection.   We think an amendment is in order.  As it is understandable that one may not want to fix something that is not broken; please read on with an objective mind and entertain an alternate viewpoint.

There are many reasons why we feel that tinting the front windows should be allowed as there are many estimable reasons one would tint.   Most people assume that motorists tint their windows to increase the aesthetic value of their vehicle.  This is one of the most salient benefits of tinting; however, many of the other benefits are often overlooked.   The tinting of windows serves as a theft deterrent.  A criminal that cannot view a vehicle's interior is less likely break in as there is less visual stimuli to entice the criminal.   In addition to protecting a motorist's valuables from thieves, tinting also protects valuables/equipment from the corrosive qualities of the sun.  Pivotal to motorists and government officials alike, safety is one of the benefits that tint offers.   Tint helps diffuse sun glare which facilitates safer motor vehicle operation.   This is especially true during the fall and the summer, times when the sun is notorious for blinding drivers.   Lastly, there is always the threat of debris from an accident.   Tint sticks to the inside of the window with adhesive and it is this quality that makes tint a precursor to safety.  If the window should ever break in the unfortunate event of an accident, the tint would help to contain the safety glass further diminishing the possibility of occupant injury.   Having been in an accident where a piece of safety glass entered my eye, I can truly appreciate the added benefit of reinforcing the windshields with tint, and hopefully you can empathize as well.   The current tint law impedes some of the safety benefits that tint offers, however, certain amendments can ameliorate the situation.

One possible amendment to the law is the introduction of a registration fee, possibly under $100.  We feel a registration fee would be fair to all as it allows officers to know that the vehicle is registered as tinted before any incident and allows motorists to enjoy the many benefits/protections that tint offers.   We also contend for an amendment stating that whenever a vehicle is pulled over for a tint violation, the front windows must be rolled down immediately in order to protect an officer from any possible danger.  Considering that most vehicle stops already reflect this contention (most officers interact with motorist via windows that are rolled down) it is easy to understand that this mandate further serves to ensure officer safety.   It also depreciates the logic behind current tint law; it does not make sense to disallow tint for officer safety considering officer-motorist interactions are almost always executed through open windows thus defeating any allegations that an officer cannot view a vehicles interior.   We understand that the law is in place for good reason; however, we would like you to objectively entertain an alternate point of view.

We understand the need for safety for our officers, and would like to help keep them safe.  As previously mentioned, mandating a registration for motorists with tint and mandating these motorists to roll their windows down during traffic stops are both excellent ways to ensure officer safety.   The benefits of registration are obvious, as it provides a way for officers to track those with tint to protect themselves and it generates revenue for the state.  Considering that many motorists with tint who are ticketed accrue several tickets, it is moot whether officers are actually concerned about their safety.   If they were, perhaps they would be more aggressive in getting motorists to actually remove the tint instead of enduring multiple tickets.  Please let us work together to abate the burden of frivolous ticketing on our officers, and channel their resources into more pressing matters.   Thank you for your time and consideration in this matter.

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