Help Save Laska

  • by: Joanne H
  • recipient: FNDC Animal Control, NZ

We need your help to bring Laska home! Please sign our petition to save Laska from being euthanised on unfair grounds and instead brought back home to her family.

Laska is a loving 15 month Husky/Golden Labroador from Russell, New Zealand. Last week she went missing for two days, and throughout that time, her owners were actively looking for her. They even involved the whole community to help find their loving pet. When she was found and returned home, her family was overjoyed — but this joy was short-lived. Only a few hours later, they had the heartwrenching experience of having to give her up to the FNDC Animal Control who came and took her from their property to deliver her to the Pound where she is currently being held. 

The FNDC Animal control had received a phone call about Laska "roaming". This person also sent in a picture of her with a duck in her mouth. They took Laska from her family, saying they would release her when the property had a fully contained and secure area for her to be in. Laska's owners immediately took action, preparing their home and section so Laska can never escape again, but after one day, the FNDC Animal Control said they were no longer willing to release Laska.  Instead, she would likely be booked for euthenasia. This is on absolutely unfair grounds due to the complainant and the complainer's friends continuously ringing in the FNDC to give their opinion that their dog should not be released. 

Laska's owners have been proactive in doing everything they can for Laska and caring about their local Kiwi environment. 

  • Laska is booked for Kiwi Aversion Training
  • The are making a two secure enclosed areas for her
  • This is Laska's first offence
  • She is a registered, microchipped beloved pet 
  • Laska is part of her owners' everyday life, going to work with them during the day, and both inside and outside with them at home. She will now have two completely secure areas to play outside.

Laskas owners need support from our community so they can prove this person's complaints are unfair and that Laska is a life worth saving. She is a loved pet who is part of their family and they are doing everything to make sure she can never escape again. Laska's owners need support to help in fighting this unfair battle and bringing her home!

Please help by signing this petition. Showing your support here will help them in their defense to save Laska, show there are more people who support Laska's return than the few that keep making unfair complaints. The FNDC Animal Control should not be able to euthanise a pet who is very clearly cared for, spoken for and no threat to humans or aggressive to other dogs with very obvious intentions for her to become absolutely no threat to Kiwis.

Martin, Lisa, Celab and Billy are so heartbroken that their family memeber is missing, they will do everything to get Laska back and to keep both her and the wildlife safe. 

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