This doesn't only apply to Hong Kong but everywhere on earth. I am based in Hong Kong so this is the issue that I am trying to tackle right now. 

Once the plastic is created, you can't get rid of it. Plastic is indestructible. 

Every single piece of plastic that everyone has ever used is still somewhere here on earth. Every piece of gum that anyone has ever chewed is still here on earth. Every single plastic bag or water bottle or rapper that anyone has ever used is still here on earth.

Most of it is at the bottom of the ocean impacting sea life, and the rest of it is either being recycled or in the trash. We really need to recycle or our planet will continue dying. We need to stop using so much plastic because it is destroying our earth. Not just the physical part of the earth as in beaches and wildlife, but also the atmospheric part too.

By making plastic, companies produce 6kg of Carbon Dioxide for every 1 kg of plastic. This contributes a huge amount to climate change, which someday in the far but near future will destroy the earth if we don't start making changes.

Piles and piles of recyclables end up on beaches, in the jungle, on the ground, in trash bins, and in many other areas where they shouldn't be. Animals are eating these plastics mainly because most of the plastics they eat were used to hold food. The animals smell these plastics and get scents of food which makes them want to eat it.

Once they eat it, the plastic goes inside their digestive system but doesn't get digested. This causes the animal to feel full all the time, which makes them unable to eat more food. And since they do not get any food in their system, they eventually die. This happens in the ocean too with aquatic animals such as turtles and fish. And not only do the animals die of lack of food, they could also choke on the plastics too!

We also need to clean our environment as there is trash almost everywhere. You can't go on a hike anymore without seeing a plastic water bottle every 20 feet. By 2050, there will be more plastic than fish in the ocean. The fish that we catch in the ocean most likely has consumed some sort of plastic. This plastic that is in the fish that we eat then goes into us, sometimes impacting people horribly. Plastic damages life. There is so much waste on earth, and more then 50% of that waste is plastic.

Tell the Hong Kong Government to enforce a law to ban all single use plastic. This will also help people eat healthier as many packaged foods are unhealthy. It will also get people to use reusable bags at grocery stores as well during everyday shopping.

Sign the petition to tell authorities in Hong Kong to ban single-use plastic and increase recycling, now!

Update #26 months ago
Hi everyone!

I would just like to let you know that due to protests in Hong Kong, I will have to postpone my plan of action. Hong Kong is really in a bad state as of right now and it would be dangerous to start another protest as if it got out of control, it would come down onto me. I want to have a peaceful protest but I'm afraid that things would get out of control.

I am finding a new way to get my voice heard to the government though, in the meantime, keep signing!

Update #19 months ago
Hi everyone,

Thank you for signing! I am planning on sending this petition to the Hong Kong Government once I have 100,000 signatures. I will speak with the government and urge them to enforce stricter laws on recycling. If they refuse and reject my signatures, I need YOUR HELP to spread the news. I will also be organizing a march through the city, a peaceful protest to show how the people care and want a change.

Thanks for all your help so far!

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