"Tougher Laws Needed for Puppy Mills In Texas"

  • by: Amber Becker
  • recipient: Govenor, Senator And President Of The Unio, Us Govenor and The President of the Unietd States, K9 Rescue & Referral, Inc.
"Tougher Laws Needed for Puppy Mills In Texas"
Tougher Laws Needed for Puppy Mills
Puppy mill petition:

To the Honorable Senator , Govenor and our President Of The United States,
I am writing to you on behalf of all the animals that are living in deplorable, disgusting, inhumane conditions around the state of Texas as well as many other states nationwide. This is in regards to puppy mills that are legally allowed to run their businesses in the state of Texas, yet are subjected to very few, if any, inspections on a regular basis to assure that the animals have adequate food, proper shelter from the heat and cold, the proper veterinary care so that they're as healthy as they can be. Granted, by our Govenor, the Texas legislature enacted a law, that requires registration and semi-annual inspections of all commercial breeders and kennels to ensure that the dogs who are used, have proper shelter, food and vet care. DNA testing should also be inforced as so many breeds such as Jack Russels, Dalmations and more are born with defects like blind, deaf etc, and are then drowned by teh breeders and shot or worse but in all killed at teh hands of these cruel heartless and selfish people that are only money greedy! They have no compassion for God's creations or 4 legged companions we are suppose to look out for not destroy!
Basically what we have in Texas, is similar to many states in the USA that don't treat puppy mills as severely as they should. We have huge numbers of animals being bred in filthy, sickening conditions. Rarely, if ever, will they see any time outside of a small kennel 2x2 chicken wire cages too small to stand or trun around in and it cripples their legs and hips severly.( or wooden crate )where they're forced to continously breed more puppies until they're unable to continue and die.
What I am requesting of you sirs, and the signed petition that accompanies this letter will prove that there are many who want the same thing, is for much tougher and much better enforced laws regarding the breeding of animals for commercial purposes. These facilities need to be inspected at least 5 or more times per year if we have any chance at all of being sure the animals they're using are receiving the proper care that they need and that they deserve. I also believe that a licensed vet needs to assist these inspections as our officers of the law and animal control officers seem to trun their backs and say it's ok to have 200 dogs in cages and 100 plus cats in one facility! My GOD this is obserd! They do not see inside the mouths of the victims or truly know what they should be looking for in animal crulety! I have rescued several here in Texas that were in horrid conditions, so scared and rotted teeth at the ages of 4 yrs old, and there is no sense in any animal being in that condition. I have also witnessed dog that have chapped buttocks no hair on them just blisters from dirty wet filthy cages and newspapers. Please help us help them! They hurt and Cry , their faces and eyes are full of pain and sadness. How can anyone be so cruel? I also believe if any facility is caught violating any of the laws, they should be punished much more severely than a mere slap on the wrist. We are suppose to have animal cruelty as a felony here in Texas but nobody enforces that. Ask any rescue grop you will hear the same old stories...
Just because these beings are
4-legged, doesn't mean their needs are any less important than our own, and that definitely is true when it comes to their needs being violated and down right abused. I ask that you take not just my own signature as proof of the need of more being done to stop the running of puppy mills but also the signatures of everyone who's taken the time to sign this Petition and I ask you to look further into this problem that plagues our state; that is just as bad as any neglect suffered to humans, just as bad as the money problems that plague the state.
This problem involves living beings who deserve to be treated with dignity and respect just as we expect humans to be treated. Thank you very much.
God Bless Our 4 legged creatures and victims of animal cruelty.

Allison Becker
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