No Alberto Gonzales On the Supreme Court

Just say NO to "Alberto Gonzales"

Torture Architect Gonzales Could Be Bush's Supreme Court Pick

Paul Joseph Watson | July 1 2005

After the resignation today of Sandra Day O'Connor, many Washington insiders are predicting that current Attorney General Alberto Gonzales could be Bush's pick to take her place.

Even if he isn't selected this time, another space will open up when the ailing Chief Justice William Rehnquist quits.

The Democrats will come out in full force against Gonzales and then Bush will be able to claim that petty minded partisanship is the motive behind the dissent. This fake squabble will mask the real reasons why Gonzales should be opposed across the board.

Bush will play the race card in lauding the first Hispanic on the Supreme Court and Gonzales' detractors will be labelled as racists.

We don't care whether a person is Hispanic, black, white, male, female, or polka-dotted, just as long as they believe in freedom and the ideals of the Founders.

On every single issue Gonzales has proven himself to be an enemy of liberty.

Gonzales is anti-gun, pro-abortion and pro-torture.

He came out in support of the semi-auto ban earlier this year.

Gonzales cast the tie-breaking vote in the Texas Supreme Court against a parental-consent requirement before a minor could obtain an abortion in the state of Texas.

Gonzales wrote the guidebook for torture, saying the Geneva Convention was "obsolete" and "quaint." He advocated indefinitely holding detainees at secret locations and subjecting them to abuse.

Gonzales said that Bush was above federal ad international law. This is a man that believes in dictatorship.

Gonzales is less conservative than John Forbes Kerry!

Gonzales believes that the Supreme Court alone decide what government actions are constitutional. According to World Net Daily editor Joseph Farah, Gonzales once told him during a dinner, "The Supreme Court tells us what the Constitution says and means."

This is a man that believes the Constitution is a living document and that nine black-robed brethren have carte blanche to interpret it any way they deem fit.

Washington insider Robert Novak accurately predicted the resignation of Day O'Connor (pictured above) earlier this week and those same sources are floating Gonzales as Bush's potential pick.

"Why the torrent of Gonzales leaks from a White House extraordinarily adept at holding back the president's intended nominations? It looks like a trial balloon, but there are also suspicions that Gonzales's name has been floated by critics in order to shoot him down."

"Conservatives fear Gonzales will be another in a long line of Supreme Court justices who have proved more liberal than the president who appointed them expected -- John Paul Stevens, Sandra Day O'Connor, Anthony Kennedy, David Souter. That is a view widely held inside the White House, but not by the occupant who counts most. George W. Bush loves Al Gonzales and would like his former chief counsel to head a "Gonzales Court."

Novak is used by the White House to leak trial baloons. The resignation was leaked early and now they are preparing the groundwork for Gonzales to be introduced.

The push to instate Gonzales must be resisted now by all real conservatives and anyone that cherishes what remaining liberty we have left.

Otherwise last week's imminent domain ruling will be seen as milquetoast compared to the havoc Gonzales will reak.

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